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 Sleeping Beauty Story

It was a long time ago when a kind king ruled in a city. The people were very happy under that king’s rule, but the king and the queen were sad because they had no children.

Raja Rani got her treatment done by many doctors, and after serving many sages, she took blessings from them to no avail. Now she had given up hope of having a child.

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But one day, a very bright and accomplished monk came to that kingdom, and the king and the queen served him wholeheartedly day and night. Monk, pleased with the king and queen’s service, asked them to request a boon. Hearing such words from the monk, the king and queen tell him their problems and ask for the boon of having a child. Listening to him, the monk gets into a little thought and then says, “I can give you the blessing of having a child, but many troubles will come upon the child at the age of 16, and you may not be able to tolerate that shock.”

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The king and queen fall into thought, and after thinking for some time, they say, “Respected, you bless us to have a child; at least we will enjoy a child’s happiness for 16 years.”

After listening to his words, the monk raised his hand after reciting a mantra, and a shiny fruit appeared in his hand. Giving that fruit to the queen, he said, “Queen, you eat this fruit.” If God wills, you will definitely have a child. The queen immediately eats that fruit, and then the king and queen return to their palace after hailing the sage.

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After a few days, the queen learned that she was pregnant, and the king and queen’s joy knew no bounds.

The queen gives birth to a beautiful baby girl after exactly nine months. The entire state joined in on the celebration after hearing it. On this happy occasion, the king organises a grand feast, for which invitations are sent to all the rich and poor subjects of that kingdom.

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The king sends people to invite his special friends and all the fairies.

The guests and fairies from the fairyland, along with their queen, arrived at the venue on the king’s invitation.

All the guests were very happy to see the baby girl; she really looked like the most beautiful girl in the world. Seeing her beauty, the king and queen named their daughter Beauty at that event.

Then, out of nowhere, a fairy dressed in black appears, her face flushed with rage; she approaches the venue and yells angrily, “King!” You invited all of the fairies in the fairyland to the event except for me; how dare you? She further says, “The daughter whose beauty you people are so proud of, I curse her that when she is 16 years old, she will die due to a needle prick.”

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On listening to her, the king and queen started trembling with fear and, with folded hands, started apologising to that angry fairy and said that the daughter should not be punished for the mistake of any of their employees. Despite the king and queen’s apologies, the evil fairy’s heart does not budge, and she leaves from there.

As mourning spreads following the departure of that evil fairy, the queen of the fairies only says, “King!” Don’t worry; I can’t end the curse of that cruel fairy, but I can reduce the effect of that curse. I can turn the princess’s curse of death into a long sleep, and the princess will return to life when a good and pure-hearted prince removes the needle stuck in her hand.

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The king and the queen agreed, with their hearts extinguished.

After saying a mantra, the queen fairy raised her hand, and magical water appeared. She sprinkled that water on the princess, and then all the guests returned home.

The king immediately ordered the elimination of all types of needles from the entire kingdom and also banned the use of any needles in the future.

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Slowly, everyone started forgetting this thing and engaging in the royal upbringing of Princess Beauty. Princess Beauty was becoming more and more beautiful with time.

Similarly, Princess Beauty will turn 15 in a few years.The king and queen were worried about the evil fairy’s curse; they banned Princess Beauty from going anywhere and limited her to roaming only in the palace’s garden.

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Princess Beauty could not understand the vengeful behaviour of her parents because no one had ever told her about the evil fairy’s curse.

Slowly, a year passed; Princess Beauty was about to turn 16, her security was further increased, and no one was allowed to meet her.

On her sixteenth birthday, Princess Beauty was wandering sadly in her royal garden when she saw something shining on the ground. Beauty moves towards the shiny thing out of curiosity and tries to lift it with her hand, but the shining thing hits Princess Beauty’s finger, causing her to faint. That thing was actually a needle, and no one knows how it got into that garden.

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As soon as this news reaches the king and queen, they faint after hearing it, and when they regain consciousness, they start crying in sadness. As this news spreads throughout the whole state, mourning spreads across the entire state.

Some people also tried to remove that needle but could not succeed; they remembered the words of the fairy that only a pure-hearted prince could remove it.

The king built a palace there for Princess Beauty and made her lie on a comfortable bed in one of its rooms.

Similarly, many years passed, but no prince appeared to awaken Beauty from her slumber; after so many years, both the king and queen were no longer, and their kingdom ended similarly. A lot of time passed, but Beauty’s sleep did not break.

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One day the prince of the neighbouring kingdom came to that forest to play hunting, and after getting separated from his companions, he reached that beauty’s palace. The prince was surprised to see such a beautiful palace in the forest.

He enters the palace and wanders around to reach Beauty’s room. He is surprised to see Beauty sleeping on the bed and fearfully goes near her, where he gets mesmerised by her beauty.

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He removes dust and leaves scattered around Beauty, and then he sees a needle stuck in Beauty’s finger, and he pulls that needle out. As soon as the needle comes out, Beauty gets up and sits down. When he sees Beauty stand up, the prince becomes terrified and flees. Beauty requests that the prince pause and listen to the entire story of what happened to her.

After listening to Beauty’s story, Rajkumar’s fear ends, and he expresses his desire to marry Beauty, which she immediately accepts.

The prince returns to his kingdom with Beauty, where both get married and start living happily.

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