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Princess Rose And The Golden Bird | Prince and Princess Story


Princess Rose And The Golden Bird | Prince and Princess Story

Princess Rose And The Golden Bird

Once upon a time, a gorgeous princess lived in a kingdom far, far away; her beauty was unique because of her long red hair. She loves roses so much that everyone in her kingdom calls her Princess Rose.

Every evening after sunset, Princess Rose goes to the balcony, claps her hands, and says, “Oh, come, my dear golden bird,” and a golden bird comes flying out of nowhere and sits softly on her shoulder.

When the golden bird lands on the princess’s shoulder, her hair begins to glow, emitting a brilliant red light.

Oh, you naughty golden bird, do you want to play with my hair?

The flashy bird begins to sing an enchanting, magical song, and Princess Rose also starts singing along with the bird. Due to this, everyone in the kingdom falls asleep and has beautiful dreams until the break of dawn.

This was her daily routine. Every evening, Princess Rose, along with the little golden bird, sings soothing lullabies so that her people can fall asleep and have sweet dreams till the break of dawn, until one day when something terrible happens.

A wicked witch who has heard about the prince comes to see her, the princess keeps singing melodious lullabies, but the witch cannot tolerate the lovely voice and thinks, “I don’t like this; she is singing so well I have to stop this,” and the wicked witch decides to curse her.

Once the witch starts her black magic, “Abra-Ka-Dabra,” suddenly Princess Rose’s hair turns black like coal.

Oh, what has now happened to my hair? But I have to sing for my people and let them sleep and have pleasant dreams. That evening, Princess Rose went to the balcony and clapped her hands, as she always did. The golden bird appears again, and her hair glows, but it’s black now instead of red.

The bird starts an enchanting melody, the princess rose sings a lullaby, and everyone in the kingdom falls asleep, but they only get bad dreams and nightmares that night.

Everyone in the kingdom thought what a scary dream it was; it was very dark.

The following evening, the red-haired princess summons the bird again, pours her heart out, and asks for a solution: “Tell me, golden bird, how can I make my people’s dreams sweet again till the break of dawn?” The golden bird suggests, “Soak your black hair in rose water, and your problem will be solved.”

She fills up a tub with water, sprinkles rose petals in it, and then dips her long hair into the rose water, instantly becoming red again.

She screamed in happiness, “Aha! It has become red again.” Thank you so much, golden bird.

That evening, when the bird perched on her shoulder, the radiant red glow of her hair lit up the night sky again. The princess sings her lullaby, and everyone in the kingdom falls asleep and has sweet dreams until the break of dawn.

What? You got the color again. The wicked witch gets very angry that her curse has been broken and decides to cast it again.

I will give all my powers, Abra-Ca-Dabra-Sin-Saladin; may the roses’ color again dim and the prince’s hair turn as black as coal.

Again, oh no! What happened to me, and this time the witch picked all the roses blooming throughout the kingdom?

Seeing the Princess in distress, the witch seems very happy and murmurs, “Let me see how you will break my curse now.”

Once again, the saddened Princess calls the bird and asks, “Dear golden bird, tell me how I can make my people’s dreams sweeter again.” “There is not a rose left in the entire kingdom.” Golden Bird said, “Without rose water, I can’t do anything.” The bird chirps again and flies away.

Please don’t leave me. I want another solution now. The princess does not know what to do; her eyes fill up with tears. One of them fell to the ground; at that moment, a very young, handsome prince stopped under the Princess’s balcony and took out a small box containing a single strand of red hair; he bent down and placed the hair on the prince’s tear, and a miracle occurred.

Suddenly, the red hair turns into a red rose. The prince picked up the rose, took it to the princess, and said, “This is for you, my beautiful princess.”

“A red rose!” exclaimed Princess, overjoyed. How did you get it?

The prince replied, “I made it princess from your red hair and my magical box.”

Seeing the rose, she becomes happy, wipes off her tears, plucks its petals, and adds them to the water in the tower. She then dips her hair in it, and the curse is broken.

Everyone was surprised. Oh! What fantastic magic.

The king asked, “Tell me, young man, where did you get the red hair from?” Price replied, “Dear king when the princess and I were children, I picked a single strand of hair from her head to signify my loyalty to her.” I kept it with me, and she did the same, pulling out a strand of my own hair.

The princess agrees with her father and takes out a small box. She finds a single strand of the prince’s hair when she opens it.

Everyone is delighted to know this. The prince and princess were married on the same day.

On learning that her curse has been broken again, the wicked witch’s evilness swells so much that she explodes into a thousand tiny pieces.

Eventually, rose flowers will bloom everywhere in the kingdom once again.

Since then, every evening, princess rose has sung a lovely lullaby so that all people fall asleep and have pleasant dreams till the break of dawn.

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