Once upon a time, in a lush jungle near the meandering banks of a flowing river, there stood a magnificent tree. This majestic tree was known far and wide for bearing the juiciest and sweetest mangoes in all the land. Its branches, laden with golden fruits, stretched out like welcoming arms to any hungry creature that chanced upon it.

In this jungle, a mischievous troop of monkeys made their home. They swung from tree to tree, playing pranks on each other and frolicking in the warm sunlight. But their true delight lay in the ripe mangoes that adorned the branches of the magnificent tree. The monkeys would eagerly gather, chattering and grinning, as they indulged in the luscious bounty that nature had provided.

One fine day, as the sun shimmered upon the river’s sparkling surface, news of the mango tree’s succulent treasures reached the ears of a great king. With a desire to enjoy the sweetness of the mangoes himself, the king decided to embark on a peaceful fishing expedition along the tranquil river.

As the king strolled along the riverbank, following the tantalizing aroma of the ripe mangoes, he soon found himself standing beneath the majestic tree. His eyes widened with delight as he beheld the sight of the golden fruits, tempting him with their enchanting fragrance. But his joy quickly turned into anger when he noticed a group of merry monkeys, perched upon the branches, feasting on the mangoes with glee.

Fury ignited within the king’s heart, for he believed that the mangoes should rightfully belong to him alone. With an authoritative voice, he summoned his skilled archers and commanded them, “Shoot down those thieving monkeys! Bring me the mangoes that are rightfully mine!”

The archers, skilled in their craft, prepared to carry out the king’s orders. Their bows were raised, and arrows were aimed at the mischievous monkeys who had dared to enjoy the king’s desired treats.

News of the king’s wrath reached the ears of the wise and quick-witted monkey leader. He knew that the lives of his troop were in grave danger, and he pondered deeply on how he could save them from the swift and deadly arrows of the archers. Strength alone would not be enough to win this battle; he needed a plan that would outwit the king’s forces.

With determination burning in his heart, the monkey leader swiftly climbed to the highest branch that extended over the river’s sparkling surface. Balancing himself carefully, he positioned his body at the very tip of the branch. From his vantage point, he could see the flowing currents of the river below.

Looking down at his worried troop, the monkey leader called out to them with a voice filled with both urgency and hope, “Listen closely, my dear companions! I have devised a plan that will save us all from the king’s wrath and the arrows of the archers.”

The monkeys gathered around, their eyes wide with a mix of fear and hope. They listened intently as the monkey leader explained his ingenious plan. “Each one of you will climb upon my back, one by one. I will carry you across the treacherous river to the safety of the hill on the other side.”

Excitement and relief filled the air as the monkeys began to hop onto the monkey leader’s back. With each new passenger, the branch dipped slightly, but the brave monkey leader remained steadfast. He knew that the lives of his beloved troop depended on his unwavering determination and strength.

Carefully and methodically, the monkey leader made his way across the swaying branch, defying the flowing currents beneath. The archers, witnessing this extraordinary sight, hesitated to shoot, as they were in awe of the unity and clever

ness displayed by the monkeys.

One by one, the monkeys jumped off the monkey leader’s back onto the secure ground of the hill. Their hearts filled with gratitude and admiration for their leader’s bravery and ingenuity. They clapped their hands and cheered as their fellow troop members reached the safety of the hill.

Finally, it was the monkey leader’s turn to leap onto the hill. With a triumphant smile, he joined his troop, safe and sound. The monkeys gathered around him, showering him with praises and gratitude for his courage and quick thinking.

Meanwhile, the king, witnessing the monkey leader’s remarkable feat, was astounded by the intelligence and resourcefulness of the monkeys. He realized that his anger had been misplaced and that he had underestimated the power of the mind. Admiration filled his heart, and he decided to leave the monkeys in peace, for he had learned a valuable lesson that day.

And so, the monkeys continued to enjoy the mangoes on the riverbank tree without fear of harm. They lived happily ever after, cherishing the memory of how their leader had saved them through wit and strategy.

Moral of the story: The brain is better than brawn.

Lesson from the story: The story of how the monkey saved his troop teaches us the importance of using our intelligence and cleverness to overcome challenges. It shows that relying on brute strength alone may not always lead to success, but utilizing our minds wisely can help us find innovative solutions.

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Monkeys FAQ

The monkey leader devised a plan for each monkey to climb on his back, one by one. He then carefully walked across a branch hanging over the river and carried each monkey to safety on the other side.

The monkey leader taught us the importance of using our brains and thinking creatively to solve problems. He showed us that intelligence and quick thinking can triumph over brute force.

The moral of the story is that the brain is better than brawn. It reminds us that intelligence and cleverness can often overcome physical strength.

The king learned a valuable lesson from the monkeys. He realized that his anger and desire for the mangoes had blinded him to the monkeys' intelligence and resourcefulness. He came to appreciate the power of the mind and decided to leave the monkeys in peace.