The Monkey and the Turtle Story

Monkey and the Turtle

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of the jungle, there lived a mischievous monkey and a wise turtle. They were neighbors but couldn’t be more different from each other.

One sunny day, the monkey was swinging from tree to tree, enjoying the taste of juicy mangoes. As he swung near the river, he noticed the turtle struggling with something. Curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to investigate.

The monkey hopped down from the trees and approached the turtle. The turtle was pulling with all its might, trying to move a huge tree against the river’s strong tides. The monkey scratched his head in confusion and wondered aloud, “What is this turtle trying to do?”

With great effort, the turtle managed to drag the tree onto the riverbank. It panted and looked exhausted. Intrigued, the monkey asked, “What are you trying to do, Mr. Turtle?”

Gasping for breath, the turtle replied, “I found a banana tree down by the river, and I thought it would be wonderful to plant it here. Imagine all the delicious bananas we could share if it grows!”

The greedy monkey’s eyes widened at the mention of sweet bananas. He couldn’t resist the idea of getting his hands on those tasty treats. So, without hesitation, he eagerly agreed to help the turtle. “Count me in! How can I assist you, Mr. Turtle?”

A smile spread across the turtle’s face. It knew the monkey was quite lazy and always looked for shortcuts. “Let’s drag this tree to a clearing, where we can dig a hole and plant it,” suggested the turtle.

The turtle grabbed one end of the tree, its strong shell protecting it, and started pulling with determination. The monkey, on the other hand, held the top of the young banana tree, barely exerting any effort. He was more interested in the future bananas than the hard work.

As they began their journey to find a suitable spot, the monkey saw an opportunity to fool the turtle. Whenever the turtle wasn’t looking, the monkey would jump onto the banana tree’s leaves and pretend to help, but in reality, he let the turtle bear the weight alone.

After a while, they finally reached a spacious clearing. The turtle started digging a deep hole while the monkey stood by, watching lazily. The hole needed to be big enough for the banana tree’s roots to grow.

Once the turtle finished digging, it called out to the monkey. “Now, we place the tree into the hole and cover the roots with soil. We must water it regularly and remove any harmful weeds. Soon enough, the tree will grow and bear plenty of delicious bananas for both of us to enjoy.”

The greedy monkey, however, had a different plan in mind. He pretended to agree with the turtle’s idea of sharing the tree, but deep down, he was only thinking of himself. As soon as the turtle turned away, the monkey slyly broke the topmost part of the tree and made off with it.

The turtle was left puzzled and disappointed by the monkey’s actions. Nevertheless, it remained determined to take care of the remaining trunk. With diligence and love, the turtle watered the tree, protected it from weeds, and made sure it received enough sunlight.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. The turtle’s tree flourished, growing taller and stronger with each passing day. Its branches sprouted beautiful, vibrant leaves, while small, green bananas appeared, promising a bountiful harvest.

Meanwhile, the monkey’s stolen part of the tree met a different fate. It withered and wilted without any roots to sustain it. The monkey’s greed had led him astray, and he was left with nothing to show for his trickery.

One day, unable to resist the sight of ripe, golden bananas hanging from the turtle’s tree, the monkey decided to take matters into his own hands. He climbed the tree stealthily and devoured every single banana, laughing at the turtle’s helplessness.

After finishing his feast, the monkey callously discarded the banana skins onto the turtle’s shell, mocking its inability to reach the sweet treats. But the turtle, wise and patient, had a plan of its own.

Knowing the monkey’s habits, the turtle anticipated that the monkey would climb down the tree. It carefully placed thorns around the trunk, hidden from the monkey’s view. The thorns were sharp and pointy, ready to teach the monkey a lesson.

As the monkey descended from the tree, his feet landed on the thorns. Sharp pain shot through his paws, and he let out a cry of anguish. The monkey had fallen right into the turtle’s trap.

Furious and vengeful, the monkey plotted revenge against the turtle. He threatened to throw the turtle off a cliff or into a mountain of fire, wanting to see the turtle suffer. But the turtle remained calm and unfazed by the monkey’s threats.

“Do as you please,” said the turtle with a serene smile. “But whatever you do, please do not throw me into the river.”

The foolish monkey, blinded by rage, ignored the turtle’s plea. He grabbed the turtle and threw it into the rushing river, believing it would be the end of the wise creature.

But to the monkey’s surprise, the turtle swam skillfully, its shell acting as a sturdy boat on the water’s surface. The turtle’s love for swimming had saved its life once again.

As the turtle swam away, the monkey realized the error of his ways. He had underestimated the turtle’s resilience and wisdom. Regret filled his heart as he watched the turtle disappear into the distance.

Meanwhile, back on land, the once-mighty banana tree, which had been nurtured by the turtle, continued to thrive and bear an abundance of ripe, luscious bananas. The turtle’s hard work had paid off, while the monkey’s greed had led to his downfall.

From that day forward, monkeys and turtles became sworn enemies in the jungle. The tale of the cunning monkey and the wise turtle spread throughout the animal kingdom, serving as a reminder of the consequences of selfishness and deceit.

And so, children, always remember the story of the monkey and the turtle. Be honest, work hard, and share your blessings with others. And never underestimate the wisdom of those who may appear slower or smaller than you.

Moral: The story of the monkey and the turtle teaches us an important moral lesson:

1. Greed leads to downfall: The monkey’s greed for the bananas led him to deceive the turtle and steal the top of the tree. In the end, his selfish actions left him with nothing, while the turtle’s hard work paid off. The moral of the story is that greed can lead to our own downfall and that it is important to be content and share with others.


1. Hard work pays off: The turtle’s dedication and hard work in taking care of the banana tree resulted in a thriving tree that bore plenty of sweet bananas. The story teaches us that hard work and perseverance are important in achieving success and reaping the rewards of our efforts.

2. Honesty and fairness: The turtle was honest and had good intentions of sharing the bananas with the monkey. It is important to be honest and fair in our actions, treating others with kindness and integrity.

3. Respect for others: The monkey’s actions showed a lack of respect for the turtle and its hard work. The story highlights the importance of respecting others, their efforts, and their property.

4. Wise choices and consequences: The monkey’s foolish choices and deceitful actions resulted in negative consequences for himself. The story teaches us to think wisely before making decisions and to consider the potential consequences of our actions.

5. Patience and wisdom: The turtle demonstrated patience and wisdom throughout the story. It remained calm despite the monkey’s tricks and was able to outsmart the monkey in the end. The tale reminds us of the value of patience, wisdom, and using our intelligence to overcome challenges.

Overall, the story emphasizes the importance of honesty, hard work, fairness, and respect while cautioning against the perils of greed and deceit. It encourages children to make wise choices, treat others well, and work diligently towards their goals.

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