Indoor and Outdoor Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Indoor and Outdoor

Being involved in creative activities develops your kid’s observation skills, ability to listen to commands and instructions, explore different textures, recognize different smells, and enhance physical and mental strength.

It is noted that kids who participate in extracurricular activities are better in their practical life this is because of the skills they learn from participating in different activities. Kids learn to manage time, develop personalities, and improved self-confidence. They also express themselves in a better way.

Activities not only help in developing physical and mental skills it also develops important aspects of life through which you can experience improved academic performance, higher self-esteem, social opportunities, productive breaks, essential life skills, resumes, etc.



According to research reading, books change your mind, especially for growing kids. Reading involves a complex network of signals and circuits in the brain. As you read daily your reading ability matures, and the networks also get more sophisticated and stronger.

It is also found that kids who read books regularly beginning at a young age gradually learn a large vocabulary. The vocabulary size can influence many areas of a kid’s life from higher scores in standardized exams to university admissions and employment opportunities.

Reading for 30 minutes daily can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and feelings of psychological distress just as effectively as humor and yoga do. Reading as part of a regular sleep routine prepares you for a good night’s rest.


Another interesting indoor activity for kids is making origami. This creative paper-folding art has been around for centuries and there are many online facilities where one can learn through instructions for kids to get innovative. 

Origami is a great hobby for all age’s kids, it can range from basic origami for beginners and kids to more complicated and realistic modes that one couldn’t think are even doable. It keeps you busy for hours on end; you don’t need to use only origami paper instead you can use any paper as long as it is thin enough to fold. Scissors are also important to cut the paper in different shapes when required.


Puzzles bring fun and curiosity to kids at the same time. The kids are focused to concentrate on for some time. It improves memory and helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. Daily solving of puzzles improves your thought processes and mental speed.

The ability to think critically and creatively solve problems is greatly valued in the offices. When we are happier and less stressed out it is easy to concentrate and improved concentration improves our productivity naturally.


Every house contains some cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls which are of no use, instead of throwing them in recycle bin use them creatively for arts and crafts. Make a rocket out of a plastic bottle; make a robot or a dinosaur out of cereal boxes. You may also use them as showcase material in-house.

Also, by utilizing waste, your kid is learning great manners that plastic bottles shouldn’t be thrown on the road, and he will learn respect for nature. By showing how clean and neat rivers and green lands look without waste, you will raise a respectful and responsible kid.

By explaining to your kid how to reduce, recycle and reuse waste, you will establish creative thinking. The kids are always ready to explore; so, your tiny one may start thinking innovatively about how to minimize or reduce the amount of waste by making the best out of it.


Writing songs and poems is a melodious way for kids to learn rhythmic and poetic writing skills. Attempt to write a poem or even a song together and then perform it for an audience.

The process of writing poetry builds great vocabulary.  Kids will learn how to incorporate new words while writing and understanding their meanings. Public presentation skills can be improved as they keep on performing. Creativity is essential when it comes to writing poetry or song. It forces their brain to think in a creative way for a poetic effect.



Outdoor races are fun and are full of physical exercises. The sack race is funnier and adds a smile to one’s face. Provide each participant with one sack and instruct them to stand inside it, they have to balance themselves in a sack to finish the race.

A sack race is a great form of aerobic exercise. The kids are required to practice their hand-eye coordination as they hold the sack up when they hop. It forces kids to work on their gross motor skills. Even it strengthens your core muscles for better balancing during hopping.


A rainbow tag makes for excellent fun races outdoors because it involves both physical as well as mental activity. First of all, you should place materials of each color in your predetermined area and then bring the kids all together, command them to the color which they have to touch the player who is unable to identify or find the color loses the game, and the one who touches each color as per command wins the game. 

This game involves a lot of multitasking; the kids will have to first listen to the command carefully then should find or identify the color in the area and then rush to that thing for touching it first. By playing this game kids will develop quick reflexes for quicker actions in comparison to others.


Dodgeball is a perfect team sport that teaches kids fundamental skills like dodging, reacting, sprinting, etc. Divide the kids into two teams; each team will be throwing balls to eliminate the opposing team players, the player who gets hit by a throw will be out he can defend himself by catching the throw with his hands and he can react by throwing the ball back at the opposite team.

Dodgeball is also a great all-around workout and some of the vast benefits of this game are it involves cardiovascular workouts for better stamina, boosted agility for flexibility, quicker reactions for responding, focused concentration for aiming, and team-building skills developed for leadership attitude. Make use of softballs instead of heavy and leather balls to avoid injuries.


This game is fun when better played at night to maximize the excitement. From the group of kids, one kid will be selected and dressed as a ghost, he will be hiding in the area predetermined and the other kids will be provided with torches to search for him. The ghost will keep on changing his directions without being searched to tag the prey and if the ghost is searched it’s time to run back because the ghost will run back behind you to tag prey and the one who gets tagged is the ghost for the next round.

The prey which is tagged before the ghost is searched joins the ghost to tag the remaining prey. To look like a ghost, you can wear a white blanket with two holes for your eye vision.


Outdoor ball games are not boring at all for kids, they love playing ball games for their entire life. In this game, one kid will stand in the middle, and the other kids will stand surrounding the middle kid forming a circle or a square, the players will pass the ball to each other randomly and the middle kid will attempt to catch it. The kids have to make sure that the middle kid doesn’t catch their throws and if the throw is caught that thrower will be the next to stand in the middle or he may join the middle kid as another middle kid.

The middle kid will have to count from 1 to 3 withholding the ball in his hands. This game helps your kid to socialize and play confidently.


As parents, it’s important to keep our kids busy, engaged, and entertained. Whether you choose outdoor or indoor activities, there is always something to do with the whole family. Activities such as fishing, sports, gardening, painting, and crafts can all bring joy and help children grow and learn. We recommend taking some time to explore options that will make your home life more interesting and enriching. Don’t forget to have fun with your kids while educating them at the same time! 

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