Once in a lush forest, there ruled a Hippo named Isantim, known by all as the mighty Hippo King. Oddly enough, Isantim’s first name remained a well-guarded secret, a personal mystery that intrigued the forest dwellers.

One serene evening, Isantim’s curious wife queried, “I have a feeling that many in the forest might already know your first name.” To which Isantim responded, confident, “No one knows because I have never shared it. If you doubt, you may verify at tomorrow’s gathering.”

As the sun cast golden hues across the forest, marking the beginning of another vibrant gathering, King Isantim announced, “This gathering is exclusive to those who are acquainted with my first name. Those unaware are kindly requested to depart.”

Witnessing a stream of animals reluctantly leaving the gathering, Isantim smirked, saying to his wife, “See? No one knows my name, as they depart one after the other.”

Amongst the crowd, a young, astute turtle observed the unfolding events. A sudden spark of ingenuity led him to approach the Hippo King. “Your Majesty, suppose I can correctly guess your first name?” he ventured bravely.

Amused, the Hippo King declared, “If you succeed, I vow to relocate to the waters, forever forsaking this land. But should you fail, our beloved weekly gatherings will be no more.”

The stakes were high, as the forest inhabitants dearly looked forward to these weekly festivities. The clever turtle conspired a witty plan with his equally sharp wife, setting the stage for a spectacular revelation.

The next morning, the turtle stationed himself strategically on a pathway the Hippo King and his wives frequented. He camouflaged himself within a ditch, awaiting their return. As the last queen approached the ditch, the turtle emerged suddenly, causing her to stumble and fall.

Concerned, she yelled, “Isantim, help! I’ve fallen and cannot move!” Hearing his name, the King and his queens hurried to her aid, leaving the turtle smirking at his successful ploy.

At the subsequent gathering, the turtle approached the King, announcing confidently, “Your Majesty, your first name is Isantim, correct?” The astonished King could only nod, curious to know the method behind the turtle’s discovery. The turtle recounted his clever strategy, earning a round of applause from the jubilant crowd, excited to resume their weekly festivities.

Later, the Hippo King gathered his wives, preparing to uphold his end of the bargain. “My loves, it is time to adapt to our new aquatic home,” he declared solemnly. From that day on, hippos became aquatic dwellers, venturing onto land only in search of sustenance.

Moral of the Story:

Ingenious strategies and a keen mind can uncover even the most guarded secrets, demonstrating that wisdom often triumphs over might.

Lesson from the Story:

The tale enlightens us on the values of clever thinking and the importance of keeping one’s word, indicating that even rulers are bound by their promises and that clever strategies can lead to favorable outcomes.

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