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Jhulan Goswami

Did you know who is one of the best female all-rounder Crickets players from India? If you don’t know then, her name is Jhulan Goswami (known as nickname Chakda Xpress).

Jhulan Goswami was born in Chakda, a small village in West Bengal, India. From a young age, she loved playing cricket with the boys in her village. She worked hard and persevered to become one of the top players in the world. Learn more about her journey and how she’s changing the game of cricket for women.

Who is Jhulan Goswami, Born Place, Education, and her Early life

Jhulan Nishit Goswami is a former Indian cricketer. She is a right-arm fast bowler and has been credited as the medium faster bowler in women’s cricket as of 2018. She was born in a middle-class family on 25 November 1982 in Chakdaha, West Bengal. Her nickname is Babul and she is also known as the Chakda Express. She is the daughter of father Nishit Goswami, and Mother Jharna Goswami was a state-level badminton player.

As a child, she was a big fan of her idol Sachin Tendulkar and played cricket with boys in her neighborhood. She finished high school at Bidhannagar Municipal High School and went on to study physical education at Shyamaprasad College in Kolkata. In 2002, she made her debut for the India national team against England. 

Jhulan Goswami, Family, and Early Cricket Career Journey?

Jhulan was born in the West Bengal community of Chakdah, which is located in the Nadia District of the state. Her father, Nishit Goswami, and Mother Jharna Goswami provided her with a supportive and loving environment while she was growing up. Jhulan’s childhood was typical; her family belonged to the middle class, and she had a natural interest in athletics from a very early age.

This was unusual for a girl who grew up in a small town during that era, as it was not promoted. Her parents were worried that Jhulan would grow up to be unique from the other girls her age and would have a difficult time integrating herself into society because of this difference. but young Jhulan was determined. Her thirst for the competition was intense, and it only increased as she got older. Her first passion was football game though.

The young girl enjoyed both participating in and watching the “beautiful game” on television as much as she did play herself. All of that changed for Jhulan in 1992, when she watched the Cricket World Cup on television for the first time. After that, she was hooked on the sport and felt a profound connection to it, which brought her closer to the activity.

Jhulan began playing the game with the boys in her neighborhood when she realized that none of the other girls her age played it. This led to her receiving criticism. The goal of Jhulan’s family, like that of any other family in the middle class, was for her to lead a routine life and put her focus on her education. Cricket, however, had completely taken over Jhulan’s life, and the young girl was aware that the only thing she want was to participate in the sport.

About Jhulan Goswami, international cricket Journey?

Jhulan Goswami is a former Indian cricketer. She is a right-arm fast bowler and was the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. She made her debut for the national side in 2002 and went on to play in over 200 ODIs and more than 50 Test matches.

  • Goswami made her international debut in 2002 when she was just 19 years old. She played her first ODI debut Match (with cap Number 61 and ODI jersey no.25) on 6 January 2002 v England, taking two wickets for 26 runs.
  • A few days later, she made her Test debut (with cap Number 52) on14 January 2002 v England against the same opponent. In 2006,
  • On the same following date, Goswami made her T20I debut (with cap Number 3) on 5 August 2006 v England,

Later she becomes a complete full-time player of the Indian cricket team in all formats. Also, she was a member of the India team that won the inaugural Women’s World Twenty20 tournament.

In 2007-8, She became the first woman cricketer to take 100 wickets in ODIs. The following year, she was named the ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year. In 2011, Goswami took her 200th ODI wicket, becoming only the second woman cricketer to reach this milestone.

  • Goswami announced her retirement from T20 cricket in August 2018, after playing her final T2o match on 10 June 2018 against Bangladesh.
  • Later on, she played her last Test on 30 September 2021 v Australia.
  • Finally, she retired from all forms of cricket on 24 September 2022 v England, after India tour England.

Throughout her career, Goswami was known for her pace and accuracy. She was one of the leading bowlers in the world and played an integral role in India’s successes on the international stage. After her retirement, she was honored with the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award.


Jhulan Goswami, cricket Ranking and stats?

Career statistics
CompetitionWomen TestWomen ODIWomen T20ITotal cricket Statistics
Runs scored29112264053,438
Batting average24.2514.6110.9420.38
Top score695737*120*
Balls bowled2,26610,0051,35116,178
Bowling average17.3622.0421.9418.72
5 wickets in innings3213
10 wickets in the match1000
Best bowlingMay-25Jun-3105-NovJun-31

Jhulan Goswami, cricket struggle?

Jhulan Goswami is one of the most successful female cricket players in the world. She has represented India in over 20 Test matches and One Day Internationals and is the leading wicket-taker in both formats. Despite her success, Jhulan has struggled to gain widespread recognition for her achievements. In a country where cricket is overwhelmingly dominated by men, women’s cricket often receives little attention.

Jhulan has spoken out about the lack of opportunities for female cricket players, and the lack of investment in the women’s game. As a result of her determination and talent, Jhulan has become an inspiration for aspiring female cricketers all over the world. Despite the challenges she faces, Jhulan remains committed to promoting the game she loves, and paving the way for future generations of women cricketers.

Jhulan Goswami Biography: Her Movie Biopic in Bollywood?

Anushka Sharma will soon be featured in the biopic about Jhulan Goswami. The film is titled Chakda Xpress. “Chakda Xpress is inspired by the life and times of former Indian captain Jhulan Goswami, and it will shed light on the world of women’s cricket,” Anushka said in her Instagram post.

When Jhulan wanted to become a cricketer and represent her country on the international stage, it was extremely difficult for women to even consider playing the sport. This film is a dramatic recreation of the events that impacted her life and women’s cricket.”

Jhulan Goswami is considered one of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of women’s cricket. She made her debut for India in 2002 and went on to play 200 ODIs and 10 Test matches for her country. In 2007, she was named the ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year, becoming the first Indian woman to win the award. She was also inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame in 2018.

The film Chakda Xpress will tell the inspiring story of Jhulan Goswami, and how she overcame immense obstacles to become one of the greatest cricketers in the world. It is sure to be an inspiring watch for all fans of women’s cricket.

What we can learn from Jhulan Goswami?

Goswami is a role model for aspiring cricketers all over the world, both male and female. She has shown that hard work and dedication can lead to success on the biggest stage. Goswami has also been an excellent ambassador for the sport of cricket, helping to grow the game and inspire future generations.

In addition to her achievements in the field, Goswami is also a passionate advocate for social causes. She has spoken out against discrimination and violence against women, and she has worked to promote girls’ education. By using her platform to raise awareness of these issues, Goswami is making a difference off the field as well.

Jhulan Goswami is an extraordinary athlete and an inspiring human being. We can all learn from her example of excellence, determination, and compassion.  As she continues to make strides in her career and her activism, we can only hope that her impact will continue to be felt around the world.

Jhulan Goswami Career after Cricket retirement.

After a wonderful cricket career, Jhulan Goswami has taken up a new challenge in retirement. She is now working as a bowling consultant for the India women’s national cricket team. In this role, she is responsible for helping the team’s bowlers hone their skills and reach their potential.

Additionally, she is also acting as a player-coach, providing support and guidance to her fellow players. With her wealth of experience and knowledge, she is sure to be a valuable asset to the team. It is exciting to see what she will achieve in this new phase of her career.

Jhulan Goswami Awards and achievements?

Jhulan Goswami is an Indian cricketer. She plays for the Indian women’s cricket team and Bengal in domestic cricket. She is a right-arm fast bowler, and is the leading wicket-taker in One Day Internationals (ODIs), with 182 scalps.

  • In 2007, she was awarded the ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year award.
  • In 2010, she received the Arjuna Award, India’s second-highest sporting award.
  • In 2012, she was conferred with the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award.

Goswami has been felicitated by several prestigious organizations for her contribution to Indian cricket. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recognized her as the best woman cricketer in 2006–07 and 2009–10. The International Cricket Council (ICC) appointed her as one of the ambassadors for their campaign – “Will cricket save itself


Jhulan Goswami is one of the most successful bowlers in international cricket. She has been a part of the Indian team from 2002 to 2022 with this long wonderful career journey. Recently, she announced her retirement from all formats. In this blog post, we’ve shared Chakda Express Jhulan Goswami biography to give you a glimpse into her incredible career. We hope you have enjoyed reading it.

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