Akbar and His Anger | Akbar Birbal

Akbar and His Anger

Emperor Akbar took over as ruler of Delhi when he was only 13 years old. In time, he built a huge empire and filled it with the most intelligent people he could find. But as his popularity grew, so did his pride, and because of his pride, Akbar would sometimes mistreat his people.

Birbal didn’t like how proud Akbar was, even though Akbar was a good person in other ways. Birbal was known for having a quick and intelligent mind. He chose to show Akbar that being proud could hurt him.

Birbal once dressed up as a saint and went to sleep in the royal courtyards. When Akbar saw the saint, he got angry and, not knowing who he was, said, “How dare you enter my garden, you ungrateful man? You will die for what you did.” The saint got down on his knees in front of Akbar and asked, “Your Highness! Is this your garden?” Akbar nodded his head arrogantly.

The holy person asked, “So then the city, the empire, the river, and the country? Do you also own them?”

Akbar again nodded. The saint finally asked, “If that’s the case, who owned all this before you?” When Akbar heard this, he realized that nothing was permanent and that he would lose everything he had. He left the garden and thought about what the saint had said.

Akbar was upset. He didn’t go to his court that day. Instead, he kept walking through the garden.

Akbar stumbled on a rock as he walked through the garden. His foot hurt. He called the gardener right away. “You have broken the law. Because of your carelessness, I almost tripped. I give you the death penalty!”

The gardener couldn’t believe it. He begged for mercy in front of the Emperor, but the Emperor didn’t listen. The next day, the gardener was asked what he wanted to do before he died. He asked the Emperor for a meeting in the royal courtroom. The gardener stood in the courtroom of the royal family. He walked toward the throne of the king and gave a loud cough. He then spat at the feet of Akbar!

Akbar was taken aback. The gardener did what Birbal told him to do. Birbal moved forward and replied, “Your Highness! This gardener is the most faithful person who lives in your Kingdom. He was worried that people would say bad things about you if you put him to death for such a small mistake. So, he did something wrong that would almost certainly lead to his death.”

Akbar realized that he had punished the gardener for the wrong reason. He decided that he would never be mean to his people. Akbar was pleased with Birbal because he helped and gave him good advice.

Birbal was glad to do his job for the Emperor. He made a low bow and turned to go. A copper coin fell out of his pocket at that moment. He bent down to get it.

When Murad saw this, he was angry and said, “Your Majesty, Birbal is such a cheapskate! You’ve done so much for him. He’s looking for a copper coin, though.”

Akbar looked at Birbal with a frown. Birbal could tell that Akbar was upset. He said quickly, “Your face is on one side of the copper coin, Your Majesty. People will step on your face if it’s on the ground. I’m not going to let that happen!”

Akbar smiled at Birbal and told Murad, “Birbal is my most loyal subject, and he has a lot of respect for me.” Then he took off his big, sparkling diamond ring and gave it to Birbal as a reward for his loyalty. Murad was upset, so he said, “I don’t know what you see in this mi ser Birbal, Your Majesty. I wouldn’t want him in my court if I were you.”

Akbar was furious and asked, “How dare you talk to me this way?” Akbar was angry with Murad and told his guards to cut off his head and bring it to him.

As soon as Akbar left the court, Murad ran to Birbal and fell at his feet. “Only you, Birbal, can save my life. I’m terrified. What should I do?”

“Follow my instructions exactly. If you’re lucky, everything will be fine.”

Then Birbal explained his plan to Murad. When a guard saw Murad in the market, he took him into custody. As he pulled out his sword, the courtier said, “Take me to the King first. Then kill me.”

The guard agreed with some reluctance. Akbar was very angry to see Murad alive and shouted at the guard, “I only wanted his head! What is keeping him alive?” Murad said, “Sir, I’m to blame. It’s hard to believe that anyone will do a good job. You tried to get my head. So, I chose to bring it myself.”

He got down on his knees and bowed his head to the Emperor. His anger went away, and he started to smile. “You have done well to bring your head to me, yourself.  You may keep it.”

Akbar pardoned Murad. A few days later, Emperor Akbar read the Mahabharata epic story and was moved by it. He said to Birbal, “I want you to write an Akbari Mahabharat.”

This made Birbal nervous. The Hindu holy book, Mahabharata, was written by a Sage.

It wouldn’t make sense to copy it. He thought, “If I say no right now, the Emperor will get mad again.” I’ll have to figure out how to get out of this. Birbal said, “I’d need 50,000 gold coins and a little time.” Birbal then used the money to buy some waste paper and gave the rest to the poor. He made books out of paper. After two months, he went to Akbar and told him, “The Akbari Mahabharata is done, but I need to ask the Queen for advice.”

So, Akbar gave him permission to go to the Queen and say, “This is Akbari Mahabharata, Your Majesty. Your personality reminds me of Draupadi, who had five husbands and was stripped naked in court.”

When the Queen heard this, she got mad and burned the books. Akbar ran to his Queen’s room when he heard she was upset. The Queen told him why she had set Birbal’s books on fire.

Then Birbal told them that if they copied the Holy Book, it would hurt the Hindus’ feelings. Akbar realized he had made a mistake and told Birbal how smart he was. Akbar thought, “Birbal is so smart that no one can argue or outwit him.” Let me try again tomorrow in court.

So, the next day, Akbar told everyone about his dream: “Birbal and I were going in the same direction. We ran into each other in the dark. I ended up in a pot of kheer. How do you think Birbal got hurt?”

The courtiers knew it was better to ask “What, Your Majesty?” than to try to guess. “A dirty drain! When I came to, “Akbar said, and everyone laughed out loud. Everyone went with him!

Birbal just stood still. Birbal said, “When the courtiers were quiet,  “I had the same dream, Lord. I knew how it would turn out. You had kheer on you, and I had dirt on me. We had no water to use to clean ourselves. What do you think we did, Your Majesty?”

Akbar was surprised and asked, “What?”

“We licked each other clean,” Birbal said. Akbar was silent. A few courtiers laughed a little bit, but then they stopped. Everyone was tense.

“Hmmm… Let’s hope we dream we’re eating kheer instead of falling into it, Birbal,” said Akbar.

The court as a whole calmed down, and Birbal smiled. With his wit and humor, Birbal could calm Akbar’s anger.

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