Emperor Akbar Meets Birbal

Emperor Akbar Meets Birbal

Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal are famous across the land. Their stories are appreciated and enjoyed by all.

When he was younger, Akbar liked to hunt a lot. One afternoon, Akbar and some of his courtiers hunted in the forest.

But it was getting dark when the group decided to return to the castle. “Your Majesty, we’re lost!” cried a worried courtier.

“Yes, but I can see a clearing in the distance,” said Akbar. Come with me!”

When the group got to the open area, they saw that the road went in three directions. None of them knew how to get where they needed to go. A young man came along the path all of a sudden. Akbar asked him, “What is your name, young man? Which of these three roads leads to Agra?”

“My name is Mahesh Das, Sir,” the young man said. These roads don’t lead to Agra. None of these roads lead anywhere! They don’t move, but people do use the streets to get to different places. Please go to Agra by the middle lane.”

The young man’s answer made the emperor laugh. He laughed and told Mahesh Das, “That was very smart of you!” I rule over Hindustan. Here, takes my ring. Show me this ring if we ever meet again, and I’ll know it’s you.”

So, Akbar and his courtiers went to Agra. He didn’t know it yet, but he had just met the man who would become Birbal. Also read Arabian Nights.

After a few years, Mahesh decided to visit the Emperor. Mahesh Das went to the palace of Akbar. He showed the guard Akbar’s ring and said, “I want to meet the Emperor.”

The guard was a dishonest man. He always tried to get bribes from people who came to the palace. He said, “I’ll let you in if you give me half of the gifts the Emperor gives you.”

Mahesh decided that the guard should be punished for his dishonesty, so he agreed. He went to the court of the King and bowed to him. He said, “Your Majesty, you gave me your ring a few years ago. I have come here to ask for a favor!” Akbar recognized Mahesh. He smiled and said, “Your wish shall be granted!”

“Your Highness,” Mahesh Das said, “I want a hundred strokes of the baton.” Akbar was surprised when he heard what he wanted. Read Moral Stories.

Sadly, he ordered a man to strike Mahesh Das, for he never broke his promise.  But after the fiftieth stroke, Mahesh said, “The guard outside deserves the other fifty strokes because he asked me to give him half of my gifts!”

Akbar was mad at the guard for trying to get money from him. He took the dishonest guard off duty right away. Then he told Mahesh, “Stay at the court and work for the King. You are brilliant; from now on, we will call you Birbal!”

Birbal agreed right away. As time went on, Birbal became known for his wit, humor, and rare ability to figure out how to solve challenging problems. Birbal was someone who Emperor Akbar always liked and praised. This made the other ministers and courtiers feel bad about themselves and jealous.

Birbal was so brilliant that Akbar never chose without talking to him first.

Birbal also became well-known not only in Akbar’s kingdom but also in the kingdoms that were close by. Many people, like the ministers and courtiers, wanted to show that they knew more than Birbal.

They couldn’t figure out why the Emperor only liked him. Even more so when they thought they were just as good as he was. A courtier once told the King, “Your Highness, we can do whatever Birbal does. Let us prove it to you.”

Akbar gave the courtier who spoke three rupees and told him, “Bring me three things that cost one rupee each. “here” should be the first. “There” must be the second. The third one should be “neither here nor there.” Read Bedtime Story.

The confused courtier went to the city’s wealthiest merchant. The shopkeeper laughed and asked, “Are you serious? You can’t buy these things.”

The sad courtier told Akbar that he couldn’t get these things. Akbar called Birbal and told him to buy the same three things with three rupees.

The next day, Birbal came back with some sweets.

Birbal said, “I spent one rupee to buy these sweets “here.” In the name of God, I gave one rupee to a beggar, so that went “there.” Lastly, I bet one rupee on a game of chance, which was neither here nor there. “

Akbar was pleased about it. He gave him a bag full of gold coins as a reward.

So, Akbar chose Birbal to be his favorite courtier.

When Akbar was praising Birbal’s intelligence, one of the courtiers got angry and told Akbar, “If Birbal can answer three of my questions correctly, I will agree that he deserves your praise.”

Akbar said he would do it! “How many stars are there in the sky?” the courtier asked Birbal first.

Birbal brought a sheep with a lot of hair and said, “The number of stars is the same as the number of hairs on the sheep’s body.” The courtier can count them on his own.”

The second question came from the courtier, who asked, “Where is the centre of the Earth?”

Birbal replied, “My home is the center of the Earth.” It can be measured to the courtier’s satisfaction.”

The courtier asked, “How many men and women are there in the world?”

Birbal said, “People who are jealous like the courtier can’t be either man or woman. We won’t know how many men and women are in the world until we get rid of such jealous people. Akbar liked Birbal and told the jealous courtier to leave the palace immediately. This made the other courtiers want to kill Birbal even more. They made plans to hurt him and decided to kill him.

The courtiers gave money to Akbar’s barber and told him, “The next time the Emperor asks for your help, tell him that he should see how his ancestors are doing in heaven. By doing a ritual on the grave, a powerful saint in the kingdom can send a smart person to heaven.”

The barber told Akbar about the saint when they met. The Emperor was very attached to his ancestors, so he believed the barber. He called on the strong saint.

Birbal was the most intelligent person in his kingdom, so Emperor Akbar told him, “Birbal, I want you to go to heaven and ask how my ancestors are doing.”

Birbal knew that the jealous courtiers had devised a plan to kill him. He also knew he couldn’t convince the Emperor, so he decided to wait for the right time. He also decided to teach a lesson to the courtiers. He asked Emperor Akbar for some money for his trip and a few days off so he could visit his family.

During this time, Birbal asked his friends to dig a tunnel in the cemetery where the dead were buried. On the day of the ceremony, when Birbal was buried in the graveyard, he used the tunnel to escape.

A few months later, Birbal returned to the Kingdom and asked to see the Emperor. “Your ancestors are happy in heaven, but they need a good barber,” he told her.

When the barber heard this, he fell at Birbal’s feet and asked him to forgive him. King Akbar was confused.

After that, Birbal told Akbar the whole story. The Emperor also said he was sorry for being so stupid as to send Birbal to heaven. He punished the evil courtiers and gave Birbal a gift for being smart.

This meant that Birbal stayed Akbar’s favorite courtier.

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