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Once upon a time, in the heart of a beautiful, sun-kissed field, a vibrant community of animals thrived in the tall, waving grasses. In this hidden world, the bravest of all was a gentle, brown mouse named Mrs. Brisby.

Mrs. Brisby was not always brave. She used to be a mouse who trembled at the thought of shadows and scurried away from the slightest noise. But when her kind husband, Mr. Brisby, fell ill and left their world, she found a wellspring of courage within her. She had to be brave for her four little ones: Teresa, Martin, Cynthia, and Timothy.

One chilly spring day, her youngest, Timothy, caught a bad cold. His tiny body shivered, and his squeaks became weak. Mrs. Brisby’s heart ached with worry. She remembered how her husband had also gotten sick and couldn’t recover. She couldn’t let the same happen to Timothy.

She sought advice from the wise old owl who lived in the grand, old tree. His eyes were filled with years of wisdom and understanding. He told Mrs. Brisby that Timothy needed strong medicine and lots of rest. But there was a looming problem. The farmer who owned the field was preparing to cut the grass where their cozy home was nestled. If they stayed in their current home, the medicine wouldn’t have time to work, and Timothy wouldn’t survive the move.

Mrs. Brisby knew she had to find help. Her mind wandered to the stories her husband used to tell about a mysterious place called NIMH. It was a place where ordinary mice became extraordinarily smart, thanks to some human scientists. Her husband was one of those intelligent mice. She wondered if the mice of NIMH could help her now.

With a brave heart and determined spirit, Mrs. Brisby set off on an adventure to the rose bush near the farmer’s house. That’s where the smart mice from NIMH had built their secret home. They were led by a kind-hearted and brave mouse named Justin, and a wise, old mouse named Nicodemus, who carried years of wisdom in his eyes, much like the owl.

When Mrs. Brisby arrived at the rose bush, she was greeted with surprise. The mice of NIMH were astonished to meet the widow of their old friend, Mr. Brisby. As she told her story, her voice trembling but strong, they couldn’t help but feel a deep desire to help.

The mice of NIMH, with their sharp minds and kind hearts, came up with a clever plan. They had built a marvelous machine that could move houses. They decided to use this machine to relocate Mrs. Brisby’s house to a safe place, away from the path of the farmer’s destructive mower. But there was a hitch. The machine needed a special stone to work, a heart-shaped stone that Mrs. Brisby wore around her neck. It was a gift from her husband, and it held powers she hadn’t known about.

The day of the big move arrived. It was a day filled with anxiety and hope. But things started to go wrong. The farmer’s menacing cat was prowling around, his yellow eyes searching for mice to torment. On top of that, a power-hungry rat named Jenner tried to seize control over the mice of NIMH.

But Mrs. Brisby, with her newfound courage, was unstoppable. She stood up to the cat, her small body casting a large shadow of defiance. She outwitted Jenner, proving that kindness and intelligence could overcome greed. With her actions, she saved not only her family, but her entire community.

With her special stone, the machine roared to life, gears turning and wheels spinning. It moved Mrs. Brisby’s house, a seemingly impossible task, to a new, safe location. Timothy could now rest and heal in peace.

As the house settled into its new location, a cheer erupted from the mice of NIMH. They celebrated Mrs. Brisby, their hero, with tiny cheers that echoed throughout the field. She was not just the hero of her family, but of the whole field.

From that day forward, Mrs. Brisby was no longer the mouse who was scared. She was brave, not just for her children, but for all who lived in the field. She had shown them all that even the smallest creature could have the heart of a lion.

And the secret of NIMH? It was not just about being smart. It was about courage, about standing up to fear and danger. It was about friendship, about helping those in need. And above all, it was about love, the kind of love that gives you strength you never knew you had.

The story of Mrs. Brisby and the Secret of NIMH was passed down among the field animals from generation to generation. They told of her bravery, her love for her family, and her determination to save them. They spoke of the mysterious NIMH mice, their incredible intelligence, and their kindness in helping a family in need.

As the sun set each day, painting the sky in hues of orange and purple, the animals of the field would look towards the safe, cozy home of the Brisby family, nestled away from the dangers of the farmer’s path. They would remember the brave mouse who had saved them all, who had taught them the value of courage, friendship, and love.

And so, the legend of Mrs. Brisby and the Secret of NIMH lived on, a beacon of hope and bravery in the heart of the beautiful, sun-kissed field. It served as a reminder that no matter how small you might be, you could make a big difference in the world with a brave heart and a loving spirit.

Every night, as the moonlight danced upon the grass and the stars twinkled in the sky, the story of Mrs. Brisby would be whispered in the rustling leaves, echoed in the soft breeze, and carried in the hearts of every creature in the field.

Moral and Lesson from this story

The story of “The Secret of NIMH” carries several important morals and lessons for its readers.

  1. Courage in the Face of Adversity: Mrs. Brisby was a small mouse, but she faced great challenges. Despite her fears, she bravely confronted every obstacle for the sake of her family. This teaches children that true bravery isn’t about being fearless; it’s about facing our fears and doing what’s necessary, even when it’s difficult.
  2. The Power of Love and Family: Mrs. Brisby’s deep love for her family gave her strength and courage. The story highlights the lengths one can go to protect and care for their loved ones. It reminds children of the importance of family bonds and the strength that love can give.
  3. Friendship and Kindness Can Change Lives: The mice of NIMH decided to help Mrs. Brisby, showing the power of kindness and friendship. This lesson encourages children to be kind and helpful towards others, showing how such actions can have a significant positive impact.
  4. Everyone Can Make a Difference: Despite being a small mouse, Mrs. Brisby made a huge difference in her community. This teaches children that no matter how small they might feel, they can make a big difference in the world.
  5. Intelligence is a Powerful Tool: The story also underscores the value of intelligence. The smart mice from NIMH use their knowledge to build a machine that saves Mrs. Brisby’s home. This can inspire children to value learning and understand how knowledge can be used to solve problems and help others.

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Secret of NIMH FAQ

The main characters in "The Secret of NIMH" are Mrs. Brisby, a brave mouse and mother; her children Teresa, Martin, Cynthia, and Timothy; Justin, a kind-hearted mouse from NIMH; Nicodemus, the wise old mouse from NIMH; and Jenner, a power-hungry rat.

In the original story by Robert C. O'Brien, NIMH stands for "National Institute of Mental Health," where the experiments that made the mice and rats intelligent took place. In our adaptation, NIMH is not explicitly defined, but it's suggested to be a place where the mice gained their extraordinary intelligence.

Mrs. Brisby faces several challenges, including her son Timothy's illness, the threat of their home being destroyed by the farmer's mower, the farmer's menacing cat, and a power-hungry rat named Jenner who tries to seize control over the mice of NIMH.

The story teaches several important lessons, such as the power of courage in the face of adversity, the strength of love and family, the impact of kindness and friendship, the ability of everyone to make a difference, and the value of intelligence as a powerful tool.