Ratatoskr: The Squirrel Messenger of Yggdrasil


Introduction: Meet Ratatoskr

In Norse mythology, the World Tree Yggdrasil is a central figure connecting the nine realms. There lived a mischievous squirrel named Ratatoskr who took on a unique role as a messenger between two powerful beings – an eagle at the top of the tree and a serpent at its roots.

Ratatoskr had a red coat and was known for being cheeky and cunning. He would often stir up trouble by relaying insults and taunts from one to the other, causing them to argue and fight.

Act 1: The Routine of A Messenger

Every day, Ratatoskr would run up and down the trunk of the World Tree carrying messages between the eagle at the top of the tree and serpent at its roots. His routine was consistent, always on time, despite his mischievous ways.

The eagle would send messages warning about warriors from other worlds while serpent would ask for updates about activities in Midgard. Ratatosk enjoyed his role as a messenger because he got to witness all of their battles without any threat to himself.

He also enjoyed causing chaos by delivering insults back-and-forth between them. This made it easier for him to get away with things that he shouldn’t be able to do.

Act 2: A New Conflict Arises

One day while rushing down from delivering messages from Eagle back to Serpent, Ratatoskr accidentally drops one of his letters containing important information about an impending battle between two rival clans in Midgard. Now it’s lost somewhere in Yggdrasil’s branches. The eagle panics because this information cannot fall into enemy hands; thus demands that Ratatoskr retrieves it before anyone else finds it or learns about it through his trickery methods.

Simultaneously, Serpent is getting impatient and demanding his updates. Ratatoskr now finds himself in a tricky situation because he has to retrieve the lost message before it’s too late while still fulfilling his duty to both Eagle and Serpent.

Act 3: The Quest for the Missing Message

Ratatoskr sets out on a quest to retrieve the missing message. He knows that it is somewhere in the branches of Yggdrasil, but he doesn’t know exactly where.

Along his journey, he encounters various obstacles such as other creatures who are angry with him because of his mischievous ways. Determined to succeed, Ratatoskr relies on his cunning and intelligence to navigate through each obstacle.

Eventually, he finds the letter tucked between two branches and brings it back down safely to Serpent’s roots. There, both Eagle and Serpent forbade him from any future mischievous games or trickery.


Ratatoskr played a vital role in Norse mythology by serving as a messenger between two powerful beings. His daily routine was consistent until an unexpected event caused him trouble that almost cost him his job. Despite this hurdle, Ratatoskr showed determination and intelligence in finding the lost message while still fulfilling his duties as a messenger for both Eagle and Serpent.

Ratatoskr FAQ

Ratatoskr serves as a mediator between the eagle and the serpent, delivering messages from one to the other. Some interpretations suggest that his gossiping and instigating behavior creates conflict between the two creatures.

The story of Ratatoskr is relatively short and primarily centered around his role as a messenger between the eagle and the serpent. Some sources suggest that his gossipy nature contributes to tension between the two creatures.

Ratatoskr is portrayed as a squirrel with a bushy tail, and sometimes as a mischievous and gossipy character who enjoys causing trouble between the eagle and the serpent.

Ratatoskr is a minor figure in Norse mythology, but his role as a mediator and messenger highlights the importance of communication and interaction between different parts of the natural world in Norse mythology.

The meaning of Ratatoskr's name is unclear, but some scholars suggest that it may be related to the Old Norse words "rat" (advice) and "trosk" (trust).

Other notable creatures in Norse mythology include the gods Odin and Thor, the trickster god Loki, the giant Ymir, and the wolves Fenrir and Garm.

Yggdrasil is the world tree in Norse mythology, and it serves as a central axis connecting different realms and worlds in Norse cosmology.

Norse mythology is a rich and complex tradition with many myths and stories. Some of the most famous include the story of Ragnarok, the creation story of the world from the blood of the giant Ymir, and the adventures of the god Thor.

Norse mythology has inspired many modern interpretations, including books, movies, video games, and other forms of popular culture. Some scholars have also explored the relevance of Norse mythology to contemporary issues such as environmentalism and social justice.

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