The Loyal Mongoose and the Brahmin’s Son


Once upon a time, in a peaceful village nestled among green fields and a dense jungle, lived a kind Brahmin and his caring wife. They longed for a child to complete their family, and one day, their prayers were answered when the Brahmin’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.


Around the same time, a female mongoose was expecting her babies under a shady tree. Sadly, she passed away during childbirth, leaving one baby mongoose alone. Feeling pity for the orphaned creature, the Brahmin’s wife decided to adopt him.


“I feel sorry for this little creature. If we leave him, he may not survive,” she said to her husband, who agreed.

With her husband’s permission, she decided to raise the baby mongoose as her own child. She cared for him lovingly, cradling him in her arms and providing him with warmth and nourishment.


Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. The baby boy and the mongoose grew up together, forming a strong bond. They played together, shared food, and slept in the same room, becoming inseparable friends.

One sunny day, the Brahmin’s wife needed water from the well, and the Brahmin had work at the market. Before leaving, they made sure the baby boy was sound asleep in his cradle. They instructed the mongoose not to leave the baby alone.

“Don’t leave the baby alone,” she told the mongoose.


While the baby slept peacefully, a poisonous snake slithered into the house, eyeing the sleeping child. The mongoose sensed the danger and sprang into action. He attacked the snake, fighting bravely to protect his friend.


After an intense battle, the mongoose emerged victorious, saving the baby’s life. Overwhelmed with pride, the mongoose stood guard outside the house.

When the Brahmin’s wife returned, she saw the mongoose covered in blood near her son’s cradle. Panicked, she threw water on him without thinking. Sadly, the innocent mongoose, who only wanted to protect the baby, died.

Realizing her mistake, the Brahmin’s wife found her son still sleeping safely. She saw the snake’s lifeless body nearby—the threat vanquished by the mongoose’s sacrifice.

In that moment, she understood her error and mourned the mongoose’s loss. Her husband scolded her for her thoughtless decision. They performed proper funeral rituals for the mongoose.

From that day on, the Brahmin’s wife carried the weight of her actions and vowed to learn from them. She embraced the lesson the mongoose had taught her—to not judge others hastily. She promised never to make assumptions based on first impressions.

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The Mongoose and the Brahmin’s Son FAQ

The Brahmin's wife misunderstood the situation because she saw the mongoose covered in blood and jumped to conclusions.

The story teaches us not to judge others based solely on their appearances or actions, as true character may surprise us.

The mongoose bravely fought and defeated a snake to protect the Brahmin's son, standing guard covered in the snake's blood to show his bravery.

The Brahmin's wife felt immense guilt and regret for her hasty actions and learned the importance of not judging others without understanding the truth.