Lord Gautama buddha biography-Why is Gautam Buddha considered as God

Lord Gautama buddha

There is much debate on whether Gautama Buddha is a god or not. While some consider him as a God and worship him, others disagree. While I write this post, I am going to assume that you might be one of the people who do not believe Gautama Buddha is a Lord

Who is Lord Buddha? How was Buddha lived? What are the main things which Buddha teaches us? All these questions will be answered on this Blog. This blog will depict the life of Lord Buddha. I will also write about the Lord Buddha’s teachings and there are a lot of things that you will never hear about Lord Buddha.

Who Was Gautama Buddha

According to Buddhist tradition, Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini Province, Nepal around 487 BCE or 563 BCE. He is also known by other names, such as Gautama Sakyamuni, Shakyamuni, and simply The Buddha. 

He is considered the founder of Buddhism, which is a religion based on the teachings of Buddha. Buddha taught that there is no permanent self and that people must find their way to enlightenment. He also taught us that suffering is caused by our attachments to things in life. Buddhists believe that by following the teachings of Buddha, they can achieve nirvana or eternal peace.

Gautama Buddha Birthplace, Early life, Education, and family background

According to the oldest Buddhist texts, the Buddha was born to an aristocratic Kshatriya (Pali: khattiya) Rich family named Gotama (Sanskrit: Gautama), who belonged to the Shakyas, a tribe of rice growers residing near the modern boundary of India and Nepal. Uddhodana’s father was “an elected leader of the Shakya clan,” whose capital was Kapilavastu and who were later absorbed by the rising Kingdom of Kosala during the Buddha’s lifetime. Some suggest that Gautama Buddha was born in the 6th century BC in the Kingdom of Kashi in present-day Uttar Pradesh, India. 

Gautama Buddha’s father was named Śuddhodana and his mother Maya Devi. His father was the ruler of the kingdom of Kapilvastu. and he grew up in a wealthy family. His mother was a powerful woman who had many followers. She trained him in the art of meditation and taught him about the Buddha’s teachings.

How Was Gautama Buddha a great leader?

Gautama Buddha, who is also known as the Buddha, was an eminent religious and spiritual leader in ancient India. He is considered the founder of Buddhism, a religion that seeks to achieve enlightenment or nirvana. While his life and teachings are widely respected, there are many reasons why Buddha is considered a god by many followers.

To begin with, Gautama Buddha was not just a spiritual leader but also a great military strategist. As the ruler of a large kingdom, he had to deal with many challenges and enemies. He overcame these challenges by using his psychological skills and knowledge of the law of karma. Buddha also had a great sense of compassion and kindness which helped him win the hearts of his followers.

Buddha’s teachings on mindfulness and meditation were so influential that they have been used by people all over the world to lead happier and healthier lives. His teachings on love and compassion have also proven to be very valuable in today’s society. Overall, Buddha was a great leader who used his skills and knowledge to help his kingdom flourish.

The Holy Path of Lord Gautama

The path of liberation is called the Holy Path. It is the way that leads to enlightenment. There are many paths to liberation, but the Holy Path of Lord Gautama is the most direct and powerful. It begins with the understanding of ourselves and ends with the realization of absolute truth. The steps on the Holy Path are difficult, but they are worth it. If you are willing to take the journey, Lord Gautama will lead you through it.

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What are the different aspects of Gautam Buddha’s life that make him Popular?

Several different aspects of Gautam Buddha’s life make him popular.

First and foremost, he was a profoundly spiritual man who taught his followers the importance of mindfulness and compassion.

Secondly, he was a master of meditation who attained enlightenment after many years of practice.

Finally, he was a role model for all who followed him, showing them how to live a virtuous life full of peace and happiness.

How did Lord Gautama Buddha’s teachings spread throughout the world?

Lord Gautama Buddha is considered the founder of Buddhism, a religion with over one billion followers. His teachings spread throughout the world through his disciples who passed on his teachings to others. One of the ways that Lord Gautama’s teachings spread was through his famous saying, “Hearken not to what others say, but to what your conscience tells you.” This saying encouraged people to listen to their inner voice and follow their conscience.


When is Gautam Buddha considered God?

“If there is one story that is universally known, it is that of Buddha. The story of how he became enlightened and the story of how he worked to help others to reach the same enlightenment. He is arguably the most important figure in Buddhism, the religion that he founded with the help of others. He is also one of the most important figures in the whole of human history. He founded a way of life that is practiced by millions of people every day, and he helped to bring about one of the biggest changes to the world that anyone has ever seen. He was a truly remarkable man.

Many people believe that Gautam Buddha was considered a god by many people in the ancient world. This is because he had remarkable abilities. For example, he was able to preach without any help from anyone and he could heal people. He also had a great understanding of the mind and he was able to teach people how to meditate. These skills made him very popular and many people believed that he was a god.

Lord Buddha Famous quotes?

 Lord Buddha is one of the most popular and well-known spiritual leaders in the world. He is credited with spreading Buddhism all over the world. Some of his famous quotes are as follows: “Buddha is the light that illuminates the path to liberation.” “If you want to find out who you are, look inside yourself.” “All human beings are equal in terms of their potential for good or bad.”

How to follow lord Gautama’s teachings in our lives

Many people consider Buddha as God because his teachings are timeless and applicable to everyone. He taught that the way to happiness and liberation is through following the Eightfold Path, which includes the right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, and right mindfulness. These teachings can help us live happier and more fulfilling life.

Death of Lord Gautama Buddha?

The Buddha is believed to have died in Kushinagar, which is in the present-day Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that he passed away after reaching the age of 80. However, there is no hard evidence to back up this allegation. Some believe he died as a result of a heart attack, while others believe he was murdered. There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding his death. surrounding his death.


Gautam Buddha was an enlightened being who attained nirvana through years of study and contemplation. His inspirational story continues to motivate people around the world today. His teachings on how to achieve liberation from suffering provide a blueprint for living a moral and ethical life based on compassion for all beings. If you are interested in learning more about Buddhism or finding your path to enlightenment, consider studying the life and teachings of Gautam Buddha.

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