The Foolish Donkey And Its Driver Story

Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled amidst rolling green hills, there lived a kind-hearted man named Ravi. Ravi was known for his strong work ethic and his trusty donkey, Bala, who helped him with his daily tasks. Together, they would travel across the village, delivering goods and spreading cheer.

One fine morning, as the sun painted the sky with hues of gold and orange, Ravi prepared his cart for another day’s journey. He loaded it with sacks of rice, bundles of cloth, and pots of honey, ready to be transported to the neighboring village.

Bala, the donkey, stood patiently by the cart, his ears perked up, eager to embark on their adventure. Ravi fastened the reins securely around Bala’s neck, ensuring they had a safe and steady journey ahead.

As they set off, the rhythmic sound of the cart wheels rolling along the dusty path filled the air. Bala trotted along contentedly, his hooves creating a soothing melody on the ground.

But destiny had something unexpected in store for them that day. Amidst the peaceful journey, a sudden noise from a nearby bush startled Bala. With a burst of energy, he broke free from the cart, his heart pounding with excitement.

Ravi, caught off guard, called out desperately, “Bala, stop! Come back!”

However, the adventurous spirit had taken hold of Bala. Ignoring Ravi’s pleas, he galloped away from the familiar path, his hooves carrying him further into the unknown.

Ravi, determined not to lose his faithful companion, dashed after Bala with all his might. “Bala, please come back! You don’t know what lies ahead!”

But Bala was enticed by the thrill of freedom. His ears twitched with excitement as he ventured into uncharted territory. The worn track was left far behind, and he trotted on, oblivious to the path he was treading.

Unbeknownst to Bala, his adventurous journey was leading him closer to a treacherous cliff. The steep drop awaited him with a yawning chasm, shrouded in mist. Ravi’s heart sank as he witnessed the impending danger that lay before his beloved donkey.

Driven by love and concern, Ravi sprinted with all his might, closing the distance between him and Bala. He knew that time was running out, and he had to act swiftly to save his companion.

Finally, Ravi caught up to Bala, his hand reaching out desperately to grab hold of the donkey’s tail. With all the strength he could muster, he pulled with every ounce of his being, trying to halt Bala’s forward momentum.

“Bala, my dear friend, please listen!” Ravi implored, his voice filled with urgency. “This path leads to certain danger. Trust me and come back!”

The bewildered donkey, feeling the tugging at his tail, panicked and struggled vigorously, unaware of Ravi’s intentions. He brayed loudly, resisting Ravi’s attempts to protect him.

Ravi’s heart ached as he realized that he couldn’t force Bala to safety against his will. Tears welled up in his eyes as he whispered, “I give up. If you wish to be your own master, then I must set you free. A furious beast must follow his own path.”

Reluctantly, Ravi released his grip on Bala’s tail, praying silently that his beloved companion would make the right choice.

With a mix of fear and determination, Bala hesitated for a moment, contemplating his options. The breeze whispered gently in his ears, as if urging him to reconsider his impulsive decision.

But alas, the allure of

 freedom proved too strong for Bala to resist. Ignoring the wisdom of his faithful driver, he took a leap of faith, hurtling himself off the edge of the cliff.

A collective gasp echoed through the village as the villagers, who had been watching the scene unfold, witnessed the tragic outcome. Tears streamed down Ravi’s face as he mourned the loss of his dear friend.

The village mourned for days, their hearts heavy with sorrow. They came to understand the valuable lesson hidden within this heartbreaking tale – the importance of thinking before acting.

The Foolish Donkey And Its Driver Story

Parents shared the story of the foolish donkey and its driver with their children, emphasizing the need to weigh the consequences of their actions. The village elders, wise and experienced, stressed the significance of considering the advice of those who care for us.

As time passed, the village erected a small memorial at the edge of the cliff, in remembrance of the brave donkey who had lost his life. It served as a constant reminder to all who passed by, young and old, to think before leaping into the unknown.

And so, the tale of the foolish donkey and its driver became etched in the village’s collective memory. It became a cautionary story, reminding everyone of the importance of making thoughtful choices and seeking guidance from those who have our best interests at heart.

Dear children, remember the tale of Bala, the adventurous donkey. Before you embark on a journey, be it big or small, always pause and reflect. Listen to the advice of those who love you, for they wish to keep you safe from harm.

For in the end, it is better to take a moment to consider the path ahead than to hastily leap into darkness, just as the foolish donkey did.

Moral of the story:

The moral of the story “The Donkey and Its Driver” is: Look before you leap. It teaches us the importance of considering the consequences of our actions before making hasty decisions.

Lesson from the story:

The story emphasizes the significance of thinking before acting and seeking guidance from those who care for us. It reminds us to value the wisdom and advice of others, as they often have our best interests at heart.

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FAQs about Foolish Donkey

The man, who cared for the donkey's safety, understood the danger posed by the cliff. He tried to stop the donkey from going towards it to protect him from harm.

Despite his efforts to save the donkey, the man realized that he couldn't force him against his will. He chose to let go, believing that the donkey must follow his own path and make his own choices.

The donkey's tragic end serves as a reminder of the consequences that impulsive and thoughtless actions can bring. It teaches us the importance of thinking before making decisions and considering the advice of others.

The villagers mourned the donkey's untimely demise and erected a memorial at the cliff to honor his memory. They understood the valuable lesson the story conveyed and shared it with their children to instill wisdom and caution in them.