How to draw a Rain in simple and easy guide.

There are numerous weather conditions to choose from, and everyone has a favourite. Some people like a bright sunny day for exploring outside, while others prefer a pleasant rainy day for reading a book and drinking Hot Masala Tea

Weather is frequently depicted in many artworks, and this may be a fantastic way to demonstrate your affection for your favourite type of weather. You might wish to learn how to draw rain if you enjoy a lovely rainy day

What is required to draw a Rain?

2.A sheet of white paper, blank.
3.Color .

Let’s get started on how to draw the Rain .

How to Draw Rain – Let’s get Started!

Step 1- Follow the Image

Step 2 – Draw some more of the clouds.

Step 3 – Now, finish off the rest of the cloud outlines.

Step 4 – Next, draw the drops of rain.


Step 5 – Now, you can finish off the raindrops and final touches.

Final step- Finish off your rain drawing with some color.


Hey kids did you like this how to draw a rain drawing in easy and simple step-by-step? Practice it and you will see your drawing is improving in every attempt, also share your view in the comment box, and don’t forget to share this art with your friends on Social Media so they can also enjoy it.
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