The Story of the Four Oxen and the Lion: An Animal Story

Once upon a time, in a lush green meadow, four oxen—Red, Black, White, and Spotted—grazed together. They were good friends, and they spent most of their days grazing and chatting with each other. One day, a lion spotted the four oxen and decided to make them his next meal.

The lion approached the four oxen and said, “Hello, my dear oxen.” I am the king of the jungle, and I have come to make friends with you. “Won’t you please let me join you in grazing in this lush meadow?”

The four oxen looked at each other skeptically, knowing that lions were known for being carnivorous predators. However, the lion seemed friendly enough, so they decided to give him a chance and welcomed him into their group.

The lion began to graze with the oxen, and soon he became very comfortable with them. He started to see them as his easy prey and began to plot his attack. The oxen noticed the lion’s strange behavior, and they started to become suspicious of him.

One day, Red Ox asked the lion, “Why do you always look at us like you’re hungry, even when we’re grazing together?”

The lion replied, “Oh, don’t mind me, my dear Red Ox. I just love the sight of strong and healthy animals like you. “I admire your strength and beauty.”

But the oxen were not convinced, and they knew that the lion was up to something.

The next day, the lion revealed his true intentions and attacked the oxen. The four oxen knew they had to act fast to save themselves. Red Ox suggested that they each stand back-to-back so they could watch each other’s sides and face the lion from every angle. The other oxen agreed, and they quickly formed a tight circle with their backs to each other, ready to defend themselves.

The lion tried to attack the oxen from every side, but the oxen stood their ground and fought back with all their might. With their united strength and quick thinking, they were able to fend off the lion and protect themselves from harm.

When the lion ran away, the oxen learned how important it was to stick together and trust each other. They knew that they were stronger as a team than as individuals and that they needed to be vigilant about potential threats in the future.

From that day on, the four oxen remained good friends and continued to graze in the meadow together, but they never forgot the lesson they learned. They remained watchful of predators and worked together to keep each other safe, knowing that they were stronger together than apart.

The moral of the story is that there is strength in unity. When we work together and trust each other, we can overcome even the biggest challenges. The four oxen in the story were able to protect themselves from the lion because they stood together and watched each other’s backs. This teaches us the importance of sticking together and being vigilant about potential threats in our lives. When we are united and work towards a common goal, we can achieve great things and overcome any obstacle.

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