Panchatantra Stories


If you want to encourage your child to read books then Panchatantra stories is the best option. Panchatantra is a beautiful  book that also helps plants and animals  to communicate and converse with humans.

Panchatantra story is very interesting and valuable for your child these stories  available in many languages like Hindi , English and other.

The stories of Panchatantra started  many centuries ago. Mr Vishnu Sharma is the author  of Panchatantra stories who write a Panchatantra story in  (Sanskrit) languages
Its said before many year ago there was a king named Amar shakti who live in Mahelaropi Nagar.

They had three son who were foolish and did not understand the world his name was bahu shakti , ugra shakti , anke shakti . His father was always afraid of how these three would join my rule.

After some time King appointed Mr Vishnu Sharma  for guiding his sons Vishnu Sharma wished that he understood them in a very simple way. Then he created  Panchatantra stories.Panchatantra  stories is divided in two part ‘Pancha’ means (Five) ‘Tantra’ means (system).

Under the  Panchatantra stories have 5 division In which each division represents a system or an individual massage, through which a lot of morals emerge.
Panchatantra stories  have five values or activities  are:

1- MITRA- BHEDA (loss of friends ) it has story that tell you how to be lose friends.

2- MITRA- LABHA ( Gaining of friends ) it has story that tell you how to build friends.

3- APARIKSITAKARAKAM  (To do without pre-examination) it has story that tell you what is the result of doing something without any thinking.

4- LABDHAPRANASAM   ( Loss of what (desired was attained) its has story How to gain weight without losing anything from difficult situations.

5- KAKOLUKIYAM   (The story of Crows and Owls) under these story tell you  how to react and handle situations in war.

After Panchatantra was written in Sanskrit This story was written in many other  languages like Pahlavi ,seriyan , Japanese , jarban so on.
Many writers and publishers have worked tirelessly  over all these years to make these stories available a d readable by a  layman.

The composition aimed  to incorporate  moral values  and make the story time enjoyable  and informative in young children.
Panchatantra that not only stimulates the imagination of your kids but also teaches them something positive.

Even today , every age group loves Panchatantra  Tales , and tales around  India and other parts of the world are favored.