What are the best indoor games for kids?


Every parent wants their kids to be healthy and happy. If they spend most of their time cooped up inside the house, they can keep them happy by providing them with indoor games. Indoor games are a great way to keep kids entertained and have a good time.

The benefits of playing games are endless. Indoor games can be as simple as board games or card games, and they can also be more advanced and involve a lot of physical activities. The best part is that they can be adapted to any age or skill level and allow you to spend time with your children. Here’s a look at some of the best indoor games for kids and a few tips on how to use these games to build some great relationships with your kids.

What are indoor games?

What are indoor games? Indoor games are games that you can play inside the home. They often involve more strategy and thought than active games. It’s essential to give kids a good choice of games to play. Not only will they get a break from playing the same game over and over, but they’ll also have fun. If you have children, you likely already have many tables, chairs, and toys in your home. Now you can find some more ways to use them! Be sure to check out the list of indoor games and have a blast!

Why are indoor games important for kids?

Indoor games are entertaining and rewarding. There are plenty of benefits to playing indoor games. Playing indoor games can improve strategy and hand-eye coordination and teach kids how to take risks and lose gracefully. Kids should stay indoors and play indoor games instead of going outside and getting hurt or catching a cold. 

Indoor games are fun and rewarding, especially if you enjoy board games, card games, and video games! Becoming an expert at indoor games is just a matter of practice and perseverance. Kids of all ages will enjoy playing whichever games they choose to play, and they’ll all improve some skills while having fun!

List of 15 indoor games that families can play with their kids



The indoor hide-and-seek game is a great game to play at home or outdoors. You will need to find four or more people to play the game.

How to play Hide-and-seek 

-First, you will need four people to play hide and seek, and these people will be the seekers.

-Then, you need to choose someone to be “IT”, the person who will hide.

-Then, you will need two people to hide wherever they want while the others look for them.

-Meanwhile, the person who is “IT” will hide.

-The seeker will count to ten, then turn around, and the game will start!

-The seekers must find the hidden people before the ” IT ” person can touch them.

-The game will continue until everyone is found by the seeker and the person who is “IT”.

-The ” IT ” person will start counting again and try to find the other two people hiding.

-The game ends when the seeker can find and tag the hider.

Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Play musical chairs with your kids! Parents often want to get their kids off their tablets, phones, and TVs but don’t know what to do for fun. Musical chairs get kids off of the couch and move around. 

How to play Musical chairs

Here are the simple rules of musical chairs indoor games. 

-There are two teams, each with a chair, grouped into a circle. The game starts when the music starts. 

-The chairs’ circle becomes smaller as the music continues. 

-The music stops, and the kids need to try and find a chair before the music starts again! 

-The last kid standing is out of the game. To win, the team with the most kids left wins! It’s a great way to get kids moving and having fun!

I spy

I Spy is a simple game that is a classic. It’s a game that involves sneaking little things into your day, teaching you to have childlike fun with everything around you.

How to Play I spy 

There are a variety of things you can use to play it.

 –The most straightforward way to play is to focus on a single item in your surroundings and say, “I spy something beginning with ‘A’ “. 

-If your friend guesses correctly, put another letter on the list, and they get the point. 

-It’s easy to play along and have a good time even if you’re not playing with someone else. 

-It’s a simple game that can bring back memories of your childhood and gives young players a chance to practice their skills to try and win.



Playing games is the best way for a kid to improve their spelling. Many games can be played for this purpose. One of the top games for kids and spelling is Uno. This game can be played in many ways. One style is where the players follow the directions from the cards. Another way is where the players will use the card to spell a word they need to find in the dictionary. 

The players will earn points based on how many cards they manage to get rid of. There are many styles to choose from. If you want your child to grow as a great speller, you will want to keep them playing Uno.

Here are five great Uno card games for kids!

   1. War

  2. Crazy Eights

  3. Assorted Card Grab

  4. Old Maid

  5. Reverse

Balloon tennis

Balloon tennis

Playing balloon tennis games is a fantastic way to provide fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike. Balloon tennis indoors is a great way to entertain people and improve your social skills. 

-It’s an excellent game for parties and can be played with two or more people simultaneously.

-You’ll need a few balloons to start with. Then, you can play using your feet, knees, chest, or head to return the ball. 

-If you use your knees or chest, be careful not to hurt yourself. Balloons that don’t burst during play are best.

-Play balloon tennis indoors with your friends or family today! It’s a great way to bring people together during a tough time or after a party or celebration. You’ll have a blast, and it’s a great way to relax and get some extra exercise!



Here we will look at the indoor games played by 2 to 4 players. For example, a game of Ludo, one of the most popular games that can be played indoors and requires no setup, involves a game board and 4 to 6 small tokens (usually 4). The game aims to be the first player to get four tokens around the board while the other players try to capture and stop them. In this game, various strategies are used, and a lot of gameplay involves planning and predicting the moves made by the other players.

The game is typically played with four players, but variations of the game allow up to six players.  



Carrom is the best indoor game that has been popular for generations and is slowly making its way to the world’s countries. This game parents can play with their children at home.    

How to Play carrom

If you wish to play a cardboard board game, a tiny wooden board is necessary. You require 1 (one) pink coin, known as the Queen, which is precisely in the centre, and 1 (one) striker to hit the coins. It would help if you also had 9 (nine) white coins and 9 (nine) black carom coins, which are in the middle of the cardboard.

Once the game has begun, the player’s goal is to use a striker to place their carrom coin in the net hole of the carrom point together with the carrom queen.

You win if you place all of the Carrom coins in the net pocket.

Freeze (statue game)

You might have seen this game before. A frozen person or animal is sitting or standing in a picture. All you have to do is find the one thing that is not frozen. It’s a simple game, but it keeps you entertained for hours. It’s a fun game to play with family and friends, but it is also suitable as a competition. Who can find the frozen person first? Who can find the frozen animal first?

Follow the leader

A game for kids is called follow the leader. The remaining players (the followers) line up behind the leader, who has been designated as the “head of the line” by the players. The participant must then imitate the leader’s movements as they move about.

Follow the leader is a fun game to play with kids! Kids love games that are active and involve a lot of running around. Playing games like these is a great way to bond with your children. If you enjoy playing this game, you can incorporate it into your friendships and activities with fellow adults too!

Card games

Playing card games is a great way to spend time with your children. When the weather gets bad and the days are short, playing a game can help lighten the mood. Card games are also a fun activity to do at parties. 

Here are some fun card games that will be a hit at any party.





Cheat (I Doubt It)

Fan Tan.



Dice games are the easiest activity to bring to kid activity. A wide variety of dice games focus on different things and get a different dynamic to the game. For example, one dice game would focus on skill and precision, while another would be more luck-based. 

Another example of a dice game would be using a smaller set of dice and making a giant board. You’ll find many sites on the web that have a long list of dice games you can play, and it’s essential to go through the different types to find the one that fits you the best!

List of dice games that parents play with their children






Snakes and ladders

Snakes and Ladders, also known as Chutes and Ladders and other variations, is a popular children’s game. The game is usually played on a square or rectangular board with a ladder, a chute, and several snakes. The ladders represent virtues and the snake’s vices. The ladders are always placed in the middle column and are topped by a picture of a snake. 

The snakes are placed in the outside columns and are topped with pictures of a snake, a spider, a rat, or some other loathsome creature. The game aims to be first to the top of the board, through the ladders, and past the snakes. But often, players get sent back by snakes and land right in front of them!



Bingo is a game that has been around for kids. Even before online bingo took off, it was a favourite game for many players. It’s a game of luck with a bit of skill mixed in. It was played in parlours, ice cream shops, and even firehouses for a long time. 

Today, bingo is played all over the world. There are different versions and ways to play it, but the main one is played in a social setting. Some people play it while alone in the house, but it’s usually played with a large group of people. It’s a lot of fun, especially when you play with your friends and family.

Spinners game

Spinners game

Spinner GAMES is a unique, fun game to play in the house, waiting in line, or just having fun! You can play alone or with family and friends! 

It’s easy to play, spin the wheel, and if you see the letter, you win that prize! You can catch up to 5 tips on each wheel, so you have a chance to win something great every time you play. It’s fun for all ages and is always a hit at parties!



It is known that the game of chess is a trendy one. There is a variety of chess games that you can learn and play. There are so many benefits of chess with your kid for learning chess:

Cognitive benefits: chess involves logical thinking, planning, attention, problem-solving ability, and concentration.

Social benefits: playing chess gives a sense of self-confidence and helps in the development of interpersonal skills like patience and discipline.

Personal benefits: playing chess is an excellent way to express feelings and achieve some success in life.

Practical benefits: playing chess helps one think and make decisions quickly.

Physical benefits: regular chess playing keeps the mind and body active.

Emotional benefits: playing chess makes one emotionally well-adjusted, happy, and confident.


As this blog on indoor games ends, you’ll hopefully have some new ideas for indoor games for kids. These are all great for a day when the weather is not so great, and you need some indoor activities for the kids. Please let us know if you have other ideas for kids’ indoor games! We would love to hear them!

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