10 Fun And Easy Baby Haha Games To Get Everyone Laughing

Baby Haha Games

Being a parent can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play! One of the best ways to bond with your baby is through games that get everyone laughing. These 10 baby haha games are fun and easy to do—and can even help you learn about your little one.

From singing songs to playing peekaboo, these games will bring joy in no time. Read on for more ideas on how to make your baby chuckle, giggle, and smile!

The benefits of laughter for babies

As any parent knows, babies love to laugh. It’s one of the first things they do when they’re born, and it’s one of the things that makes them so irresistible. But did you know that laughter also has some great benefits for babies?

Laughter helps to stimulate your baby’s developing brain. It can help them to learn new skills and to remember information better. Laughter also helps your baby to bond with you and other people.

 When you share a laugh with your baby, it releases happy hormones like oxytocin, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

So next time you’re feeling stressed or down, why not try out some of this fun and easy baby haha games to get everyone laughing?

1.   Peek-a-boo

When it comes to playing with your baby, there are few things more entertaining (or hilarious) than peek-a-boo. This simple game is a great way to engage with your little one, and it’s sure to get everyone laughing.

To play peek-a-boo, simply hide your face behind your hands and then pop back up again, repeating the process as often as you like. You can also mix things up by hiding behind a blanket or using a stuffed animal instead of your hands.

No matter how you play it, peek-a-boo is a great way to bond with your baby and to get everyone laughing. So go ahead and give it a shot!

2.   Pat-a-cake

Pat-a-cake is a classic baby game that is sure to get everyone laughing. To play, you will need two people. One person will be the baker and the other person will be the baby. The baker will start by singing the pat-a-cake song while patting their hands together.

The baby will then imitates the baker and pat their hands together. The baker will then stop singing and the baby will try to continue the song. This will result in some hilarious mistakes and lots of laughter.

3.   Ring around the Rosie

A popular game for babies is “Ring around the Rosie.” To play, you need a group of at least three people and one person to be the “leader.” The leader stands in the middle of the circle holding the baby. The other people in the circle each take turns going around the leader and tickling the baby’s tummy or toes.

When everyone has had a turn, the leader says, “Ring around the Rosie, pocket full of posey,” and tickles the baby again. The game continues until the baby starts to laugh hysterically.

4.   Simon says

Assuming you would like tips for games to play with a baby:

One game you can play with your baby is called “Simon Says”. In this game, you give your baby a command, such as “Simon says touch your nose”, and then they follow the command. If you say “Simon says touch your ears”, and they touch their nose instead, then they are out of the game.

This is a great way to get your baby to follow simple commands and has some fun at the same time!

5.   Red light, green light

We all know the classic game of red light, and green light. But did you know that you can use this same game to make your baby laugh? Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Get your baby in a comfortable sitting position.

2. Hold a toy or other object in front of them so they can see it.

3. Say “red light” in a firm voice, then quickly move the object away from them.

4. Say “green light” in a happy voice, then bring the object back towards them.

5. You can do this process as many times as you desire!

6.   Mother May I?

When it comes to playing with your baby, there are few things more fun than making them laugh.

This classic game is perfect for getting your little one giggling. Start by saying “Mother may I?” and then make a silly request, like “take two steps forward on all fours like a crab.” As your baby tries (and likely fails) to follow your instructions, they’ll be sure to crack a smile.

7.    The Itsy Bitsy Spider

 This timeless nursery rhyme can double as a hilarious game for babies. As you sing the song, make exaggerated gestures along with the words. When you get to the part where the spider goes up the water spout, lift your baby in the air for an extra giggle factor.

8.   I Spy

I Spy is a great game to play with your baby because it helps them develop their observation and memory skills. To play, you will need a few small objects that your baby can see. Place the objects in front of your baby and say, “I spy with my little eye something that is (color).”

Your baby will then try to find the object that you are describing. Once they find it, they can pick it up and show it to you. If they have trouble finding the object, give them a hint by saying the first letter of the object’s name.

9. What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?

1. It’s always time for a game of Mr. Wolf when you’ve got a group of little ones to entertain! This classic children’s game is easy to set up and play and is sure to get everyone laughing.

To play Mr. Wolf, you will need:

-A group of 3 or more players

-A large open space

-A way to keep track of time (a watch or clock)

The object of the game is for the player who is “it” (Mr. Wolf) to tag as many other players as possible before the time runs out. To start the game, one player is chosen to be Mr. Wolf and stands in the middle of the playing area. The other players line up at one end of the playing area, some distance away from Mr. Wolf.

At the start signal, all the players except for Mr. Wolf run toward the other end of the playing area. Mr. Wolf tries to tag as many players as possible. When a player is tagged by Mr. Wolf, they become “frozen” in place and can’t move until another player crawls under their legs to unfreeze them.

The game continues until all players are frozen, or until time runs out. The player who has been tagged the most times at the end of the game is the winner!

10. Tag

1. Tag is a great game for babies and toddlers. It is simple to play and enjoy.

2. To play, all you need is a group of people and something to use as a tag (like a pillow or stuffed animal).

3. One person starts by holding the tag and running around the room. The other players try to catch them.

4. Once someone has been caught, they become the new tag holder and the game continues.

5. This game is sure to get everyone laughing and having a good time!


Baby haha games are an excellent way to get everyone laughing and having a great time. They can help bring families closer together and give parents some much-needed respite from the stresses of daily life.

With these 10 fun and easy baby haha games, you’ll have no trouble getting your family (and even guests) in the mood for good times! So don’t be afraid to try something new – you never know when it might become a family favorite.

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