In a sunny land of beautiful gardens and high mountains, there was a big palace where Sultan Shah Jahan lived. He had seven daughters, each special in her own way. Yasmin was very wise. Farah was great with a sword. Layla could tell wonderful stories. Gulnar always laughed happily. Noor was a fantastic dancer. Safia was very smart and kind. And Zahra, the youngest, had eyes full of secrets and a calming voice.

But one sad day, a bad sorcerer put a curse on the palace. The princesses turned into statues. The Sultan said that anyone who could break the curse would get lots of treasure and could marry any princess he chose.

When Hatim Tai, a hero known for being brave and kind, heard this, he wanted to help. He didn’t care about the treasure or getting married. He started a tough journey. He went through scary forests, climbed snowy mountains, and found his way through tricky caves. Hatim was smart and brave, and he never gave up.

At last, Hatim reached the sorcerer’s dark place. He found the princesses, looking like statues. The sorcerer and Hatim had a battle of riddles and magic. Hatim, with his good heart and clever mind, won. The curse broke, and the princesses were free again. They were so happy.

The sorcerer was sorry for what he did. Hatim, being nice as always, told him to use his magic for good things from now on. The sorcerer agreed.

When Hatim and the princesses got back to the palace, everyone was very happy. The Sultan wanted to give Hatim anything he wanted. But Hatim didn’t want anything. He asked the Sultan to let his daughters choose their own paths in life.

The Sultan listened to Hatim. He let his daughters rule their own lands and use their talents to do great things. Hatim then left, his heart full of joy. He kept being a hero, and his story of saving the princesses and teaching everyone to be kind became famous.

Hatim Tai’s story reminds us that being a hero means doing the right thing and being kind to everyone. If you’re interested in more stories about kindness and bravery, you might like “The Elephant and Friends” or the tale of “The Boy Who Saved the Bird”, each offering a unique perspective on these timeless virtues.

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