Hatim Tai and the Magic Horse Story

Long ago, there was a nobleman named Hatim Tai. He was famous for being honest and kind. Everyone knew about his special horse, Duari, which he loved very much. Duari was fast and beautiful, and everyone talked about him.

One day, King Bipasha heard about Hatim and his horse. The king wanted to see Duari, so he sent a message to Hatim. Hatim read the king’s message and decided to welcome the king’s men. He treated them well and showed them great hospitality.

That evening, Hatim showed Duari to the king’s men and everyone in his town. They all loved Duari and praised Hatim for having such a wonderful horse.

The next day, the king’s real wish came out. He wanted to have Duari for himself. This surprised Hatim. He thought about it and remembered a time when he had helped travelers during a storm. He had been kind and generous then, too.

Hatim made a big decision. He chose to give Duari to King Bipasha. This was hard for him because he loved Duari, but he wanted to be generous. By giving Duari to the king, Hatim showed he cared more about others’ happiness than his own things.

People everywhere learned about what Hatim did. They saw him as a great example of kindness and generosity. Hatim’s story became famous, teaching people that being generous and caring for others is more important than keeping things for ourselves. His story of giving away Duari is still told today as a lesson in kindness and selflessness.

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