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Once, a bull was grazing in the forest when, unbeknownst to the bull, a lion started watching him from behind the bushes. Suddenly, the lion pounced on the bull and tried to attack him.

The bull managed to escape and sought refuge in a nearby cave, which was used by shepherds to protect themselves and their flocks during stormy weather. However, the bull soon realized that he was not alone in the cave as he came across a goat that had been left behind by the shepherds. Upon seeing the bull, the goat started attacking him with his horns.

Knowing that the lion was still lurking outside the entrance of the cave, the bull did not retaliate against the goat. Instead, he calmly told the goat that he was not afraid of him and that he would teach him a lesson once the lion had left. The goat soon realized his mistake and apologized to the bull for his behavior.

The story teaches us the importance of avoiding unnecessary conflicts and staying calm in difficult situations. Even when provoked, it is important to maintain composure and not act impulsively, especially when there is potential danger involved. The bull’s wise decision to refrain from fighting with the goat, despite being attacked, saved him from potential harm from the lion lurking outside. In our daily lives, we should strive to be patient and level-headed in the face of conflict, to avoid escalating situations and potentially harmful outcomes.

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