Famous The Loyal Mongoose Short Story


Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a kind farmer named Raj. He had a loyal friend – a mongoose. The mongoose had a sleek, brown fur coat and bright, curious eyes.

Raj found the mongoose as a tiny orphan, abandoned near his fields. Feeling compassion, he took the little creature in and raised him with love. The mongoose, in return, became Raj’s devoted companion.

One day, a baby cobra took refuge in the corner of Raj’s barn. The farmer, unaware of the new guest, went about his daily chores. When he approached the barn later that day, he was shocked to see the mongoose standing guard at the entrance.

Worried that the mongoose might harm the snake, Raj cautiously entered. To his amazement, he found the mongoose in a fierce stance, ready to defend. Raj realized that the mongoose had protected the barn from a potentially dangerous intruder.

Grateful for the mongoose’s loyalty, Raj patted him on the back and said, “You are a true friend, my dear mongoose. Thank you for keeping us safe.”

From that day forward, the mongoose and the cobra coexisted peacefully in the barn. They became an unusual trio – the farmer, the mongoose, and the snake. The mongoose, though naturally a snake-eater, had formed an understanding with the baby cobra.

One stormy night, a group of thieves sneaked into the village. Their plan was to steal the farmer’s cattle and crops. Raj, sensing trouble, woke up and heard the thieves plotting in hushed tones.

Knowing he needed help, Raj approached the mongoose and whispered, “Dear friend, we are in danger. We need your bravery once again.”

Without hesitation, the mongoose sprang into action. He slithered through the shadows, silently confronting the thieves one by one. His swift movements and sharp instincts startled the intruders, who quickly fled in fear.

The next morning, the village awoke to find the thieves gone and their possessions safe. Raj, with gratitude in his heart, looked at the mongoose and said, “You are not just a loyal friend but a guardian angel. You have saved us once more.”

The villagers, learning of the mongoose’s courage, admired and respected him. The unusual friendship between Raj, the mongoose, and the baby cobra became a legendary tale in the village, a story passed down from generation to generation.

And so, in that small village, the loyal mongoose became a symbol of friendship, bravery, and the extraordinary bonds that can form between the most unlikely companions.

Moral: The Story of the Loyal Mongoose teaches us that true friendship knows no boundaries, and courage can forge unexpected alliances.

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