Hatim Tai and the Princess of Samandal Story

In a hot, wide desert, there was a brave and kind young man named Hatim Tai. He was riding his camel to find a secret city called Samandal, where a beautiful princess lived.

On his way, Hatim met some travelers who were very tired. They told him about a big, scary snake that protected the way to Samandal. Its poison was very dangerous. But Hatim kept going because he wanted to help the princess.


When Hatim got close to the city, the ground shook, and a huge snake with shiny black scales and golden eyes came out of the sand. Hatim was scared, but he remembered what his grandfather had told him about being brave. So, instead of fighting the snake, he talked to it. He told it stories and poems that were so beautiful that they calmed the snake down. The snake let Hatim go past.

Hatim finally reached Samandal, a lovely city in the desert. There, he met Princess Zahra. She was very beautiful but sad because her father, the king, had been turned into stone by a bad sorcerer. Only a true hero could save him.


Hatim wanted to help Zahra. He went to the sorcerer’s home, which was full of tricks and puzzles. Hatim was smart and brave, and he solved all the puzzles. Then he fought the sorcerer and won. The king turned back into a human and was very happy.

Princess Zahra thanked Hatim and asked him to marry her. But Hatim loved traveling, so he said no. He promised to be her friend forever and then left on his camel.

The story of Hatim Tai and Princess Zahra is about love, bravery, and good winning over bad. It shows us that anyone can do amazing things if they are kind and try hard. Hatim Tai’s story keeps inspiring people, showing that even in the hardest places, kindness and bravery can make wonderful things happen.

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