How To Draw A Bed

Step 1. Make a line as shown in the image.

Step 2. Make a line parallel to the first one.

Step 3. Make a line that will be denoted as a headboard.

Step 4. Now joint the line.

Step 5. join the 2nd and 3rd line

Step 6. Draw one line from the 3rd line

Step 7. Draw one parallel line to the last line.

Step 8. Now draw and join parallel lines between the 2nd and 3rd line

Step 10. Now try to draw a mattress

Step 11. Draw and join more line able 2nd and 3rd parallel line

Step 12. Draw one small line from the left corner

Step 13. Now Draw one small curve line to give mattress shape

Step 14. Now draw two semi-curved lines to draw Pillow

Step 15. Follow the image and draw

Step 16. Final Touch, and your bed is ready.