How to Draw Hand – A Step by Step

How to Draw Hand

A hand is a part of the body located at the end of the arm. It consists of four fingers and one thumb, each with several small bones called phalanges, as well as a palm and a wrist.

The fingers are used for gripping and holding objects, while the thumb is used for grasping and manipulating objects. The hand is a highly complex and dexterous part of the body, with a wide range of movements and functions.

It is essential for tasks such as writing, typing, holding tools, and performing delicate tasks such as playing musical instruments and performing surgery. Additionally, the hand is also used for communication, such as in sign language, and for expressing emotions through gestures.

Step 1 :- Start by drawing the palm of the hand.


Step 2 :- Next, draw the wrist and thumb.


Step 3 :- Now draw the pinky finger.


Step 4 :- Now the next is the ring finger.


Step 5 :- Now draw the middle finger.


Step 6 :- Now draw the index finger.


Step 7 :- Detail the hand.


Step 8 :- The drawing is complete.


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